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Jack Hurley Rubbish Seaside Postcard series  - IP Tags are automatically inserted within an image travelling with it to ensure ownership and usage terms are always accessible.


Users include design and innovation-led businesses and consultancies, law firms and all types of Creator such as writers; inventors; designers; animators; content producers; ad agencies; entrepreneurs who attribute, protect and safely disclose their work. 


Type of work registered with Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode applies to early stage ideas, pitch proposals, new business models, 3D designs, innovations through to a wide variety of creative works such as 2D designs, photography, illustration, music, film, video and written word

Creators can register a business, design or innovation concept thereby recording ownership data and time-stamped proof of existence.

New items and iterations can be added to a project during the development journey each gaining a time stamp, QR code and URL recording iterations through to completion.

Paul Smith Design  Photography

Visual Imagery 

When you register an item of work you can upload an actual image of the item such as 2D or 3D design, an illustration or photographic image or select a representative image. For example, if registering a video, you could upload a still of opening titles. If registering a Business Plan you could create an image of the cover of a business proposal. 

The ideal image size is 800 x 600 in order to view the image in high quality digital format and retain the IP Protected in legible size.

When an item is registered but an actual or representative image is not uploaded the system creates a default image containing your QR Code and it’s beneath.  You can add the image at a later date.

How it works

Begin by selecting what type of item or project you would like to register. See user admin screen shot below

User admin area screen 1

Into the template fields, enter description of work, ownership information and upload an actual or representative project image and save. The system  creates a QR code and a unique IP Protected Tag/URL that it adds to the base of the image.

You automatically receive an email containing the registration certificate; your QR code and your image with its IP protected tag/URL. The tag ensures your ownership data and usage terms are easily accessible both as an infringement deterrent and a travelling advertisement for your work when posted on social media sites, on your own web site and in digital publications.

If you do not upload a representative image, you’ll receive a default containing your QR code and URL as a place marker. You can login to add or change an image at any time.

The CB system enables Creators worldwide to manage their Digital Rights and significantly reduce the risk of their assets becoming labelled an Orphan Work (creator unknown). This assists in preserving ‘original source’ and creative and cultural history.

Gallery Mode 

If you have a collection of visual images or design series, such as a furniture range, a series of illustrations or a photo shoot, use the gallery mode to upload multiple images. We advise 5 or less at a time (dependent on image size) to avoid time-out. Complete the data fields for that group and save, before adding the next set of images to that collection.

Note: Begin by setting up the Collection name and the usage terms and a representational image. Once done you can upload 5 images at a time into the collection

The system applies the data you entered when you set up the collection, to each uploaded image data set. The data fields remain open for you to edit information specific to each item in the collection such as image title, creator name and license information. 

Project Mode 

Project mode (Blue tags) is predominantly used for work in development from initial pitch proposals or business plans to iterations through to completion of a project. The project container is set up with its key owner information, title of project, Creators to create its first IP Tag with time-stamps and Registration Certificate. These items are delivered by email. Users can upload files such as word and PDF’s etc or images. The tag is automatically applied to any image you upload and emailed to you. With other office and in-design documents the user inserts the style of IP Tag/QR code best suited from the range they receive; then saves the document and uploads it into their project container.  When sharing items with a third party through the file transfer area you can select the files you have uploaded, so it is important that you do actually insert our QR code and / or registration certificate into your document before uploading it and sending it to third parties.

Making changes and Editing 

When you edit IP tag data or licensing information it updates every item the QR code/IP Tag is applied to, whether that’s one item or one million items, posted online or in print.

This feature is particularly useful to owners of 3D registered designs to ensure product labelling; packaging and marketing materials are legally compliant, thereby eliminating product and material recall. 

From your list of registered items, simply select the one you wish to make changes to, edit and save.

Please note.

If you need to edit any generic information such as Company address or the Ethical IP statement you can do so via your admin menu. Simply select Edit details and save when done. The one edit will update all of your QR codes and IP Tags.

Safe-disclosure: Sharing documents with third parties

Our file transfer service can be used as a safe and reliable alternative to single or multi-party non-disclosure agreements. 

The IP Tag / URL and QR code unique to the project, are applied to any concept or correspondence you want to disclose to a third party. The IP registration status remains visible throughout the project documentation. The Trust Charter terms are accepted before file download can commence, thereby adding an extra layer of security and protection.

Select your project from registered items list, complete the file transfer form, add recipients and click on upload documents to locate them or select from the list of previously uploaded documents.

You can add a password and an expiry day unique to the recipient.

The file transfer facility can also be reached via your admin area under the Services menu.

You’ll also find a tab to your data logs enabling you to check whether your document has been downloaded.

Creative Barcode acts as a trusted agent and third party witness

Your own unique Design Rights IP Tag is applied to concepts and documents before disclosure to third parties



Business and IP issues Creative Barcode addresses

All innovation is collaborative, therefore Creators and Businesses need to engage with third parties to progress their business, innovation, invention or creative concepts. Trust and confidence is vital.

The Creative Barcode system is a simple way to reduce vulnerability and enable safe conversations to take place. It can replace a single or multi-party non-disclosure agreement or work alongside one.

The file transfer service and acceptance of the trust charter is supported by the World intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) mediation service.

Early ideas and concepts that cannot be protected by traditional IP mechanisms such as design registration or patent are most vulnerable pre-commercialisation. Registering assets with Creative Barcode reduces that vulnerability.

Applying a Creative Barcode IP Protected tag/URL or its QR code to product, packaging and marketing materials ensures that the design registration status is always accessible and legally compliant.  An IP tag can be edited within minutes. This eliminates the need to recall product or destroy packaging and marketing materials that are marked ‘this is a registered design’ if the formal National, European or International design is not renewed.

Creative Barcode IP Protected tags/URL’s applied to visual imagery ensure your ownership data and usage terms are easily accessible. IP tags act as an infringement deterrent and as a travelling advertisement for your work.

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