Alison Branagan – Author, business adviser and lecturer

April 2014

Creative Barcode is great for professionals, businesses and students alike.

I have been a Creative Barcode fan and flag waver for some time as I’m impressed with their innovative approach to a complex problem. As an author, business adviser and lecturer I now use Creative Barcode to IP Tag, authenticate and protect my own work and materials. I have included Creative Barcode in my book The Essential Guide to Business for Artists and Designers published by Bloomsbury.

I’m an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins and intend to include Creative Barcode in the online and college based courses in Business Start-up for Creatives; Self-Promotion for Creatives and Entrepreneurship for Creatives as it is an excellent product and arguably the only one that enables students to enter the Intellectual Property system in an easy, fast and affordable way.'

Alison Roberts – London School of Communication and Personal Development

April 2014

We are all busy people and learning any new 'tech' can be daunting. The CB Team have made their process so simple I was able to get everything done in under an hour. I love that. It is rare for me to recommend anything or anyone, but I have had nothing but good experiences with CB and I fully endorse them and their innovative team.

Camiile Faure – Designer

April 2014

It is important to me to protect my creations and in my search for a fast and easy solution Creative Barcode emerged as the simplest, fastest, most straightforward and the most affordable of everything I assessed.

Creations and the marketing of a business has evolved rapidly through Internet sharing so Creative Barcode is vital to securing formal protection and our future. They have provided an equal balance between professionals and beginners to protect their creations without headaches and mistakes.

Creative Barcode is clear and fast and protecting has never been so interesting before. When I create, I no longer have to think of the several steps and costs that could restrict my motivation to create.

Now I am not afraid to share online because Creative Barcode is an International Protection and makes me feel safe.

An extra bonus is the great communication between members and the staff -never have I been so listened to and considered in the world of the Law! Thank you

Brian Minards – Minards associates

March 2014

The creative barcode system is straightforward and no-nonsense, which is important in an offer that carries such weight. I sense that IP Tags help with engagement and sharing of IP material and ensure all parties remain aware of ownership and usage terms at all stages of concept development.

Mary Davidson – Partnership Worx

February 2014

I have used Creative Barcode™ for over 2 years. It is a low-cost, yet an invaluable and straightforward tool for all parties in the creative process. In a world of Open Source ideas the barcode device attributes kudos, value and ownership to those involved in the ideas generation process, whether buyer or seller...or ideally collaborator!  It safeguards against the occasional temptation of those who ‘shoplift' ideas, disingenuously or deliberately, even in an ideas pitch.

Chrsti Mitchell, Director – Highbury Ltd

October 2013

I mention Creative Barcode at each workshop  we run , each IP audit we carry out for the IPO and in articles that we write, and to clients on a day to day basis and a lot more.

Paul Mellor – Mellor & Scott

July 2013

As a professional design firm Mellor & Scott understand that on a daily basis we apply our knowledge, experience, creativity and time to create IP based solutions which add-value to our clients’ business.

Therefore what we are selling and what they are buying is IP.

Our membership of and implementation of Creative Barcode has met with a wholly positive response from both large Corporate clients and smaller players.

We have been complimented on our level of professionalism towards adding visibility and tangibility to our and their IP.

At no time have we received any negative response to being registered with Creative Barcode, upholding it; using it to communicate IP terms quickly, easily, firmly and cost effectively.

Conversely in a wholly beneficial way it serves the best interests of our firm and importantly our clients.  Thereby we wholly recommend Creative Barcode to our clients and peers.


Lieve Vereycken – Co-Inpetto

June 2013

For me it is important to connect to a service like CREATIVE BARCODE. I am convinced that it helps collaboration and it helps to communicate the value of CI (privacy and freedom for economic empowerment).

Stuart McDonnell, Director – The Plan Design and Manufacture

October 2012

I think creative Barcode is an excellent safeguard for all Creatives but particularly for young designers who lack the experience of having to protect and defend their IP/copyright positions. I’ve had some close calls in the copycat stakes, particularly for textiles and I’ve been fortunate not to have been on the receiving end of some very costly (six figure sum) plagiarism.

David Olof Carney – Industry & University Consultant

October 2012

I think the visual looks great and am still totally convinced that Creative Barcode is a real breakthrough in IP protection. You have the market sector(s) spot on and the business model is sound. What you could perhaps do with, is a slot in the media in various areas such as “Click” the BBC technology programme and Radio 4’s “Today” Programme. Have you considered getting endorsements from people like James Dyson who I am sure would have affinity with your aims given his history?

Andrew Constable, Managing Director – Bongaboards

September 2012

I always believe that if a product is a quality one then it will eventually sell itself on its own merits. 

Your affordable, easy to use and very efficient service provides a much needed facility for all designers and fills a big hole in the market. Ive been caught out in the past because of the complicated jungle of copyright and am now very grateful for this provision. I will not get caught out again!

I wish you all the very best of luck for your third year and thank you once again for your hard work, help and quality service.

Alan Eklid – MetaSalix Consultancy

September 2012

There has long been a need for a method whereby "creative people" could meet and share thier IP without putting themselves at risk of beiong copied / plagerised.   This also applies to music, TV & Theatre scripts / concepts too, in addition to those detailed in your web site.   Your creative barcode at least permits this initial contact / exchange in a formalised manner.   Under such controlled conditions, discussions can take place with openess and confidence.   My congratulations!

Dr. Douglas Morrison, Founder – Mardi

September 2012

I think you have done a great job. Glad to see you are doing so well.

There is a strong need to keep things simple and you seem to have made a good job of that. To encourage widespread adoption I think you should make it easier to download the free graphics for display on websites.

Jonathan Knight – Frazer Designers

September 2012

The common currency of those wishing to protect their IP without incurring cost is the NDA. Again commercially this works most of the time and is regularly used to protect information during exploratory discussions or with suppliers (such as modelmakers working on sensitive client work). However it is private inventors who are the most obsessed with NDAs, the reality though is that the NDA has come to be the trusted mechanism for inventors.

Creative Barcode could be very good for this group but they  need to a) hear about it and b) learn to trust it.

I can see that in other design disciplines where the value and emphasis is more on the visual idea/sketch/concept, for example fashion, where the IP is in the look and use of materials rather than technology or manufacturing process, Creative Barcode could be very valuable as a means of asserting originality.

Norman Harris – UK India Trade Limited

October 2011

“In the current financial climate, more companies are going to be looking to outsource and expand their current markets abroad.  Creative Barcode will provide the security to allow more expansive discussions from the beginning and help bring forward project commencement.”


Dids Macdonald, CEO – Anti-Copying In Design (ACID)

October 2011

ACID (Anti Copying in Design) welcomes this new initiative from the Creative Barcode team. ACID LOBBY has long championed declared corporate social responsibility for intellectual property at Parliamentary level and endorses Creative Barcode’s drive to enlist names supporting ethical trading and respect for intellectual property together with the creation of an innovative digital IP signature self-help tool. This should reinforce the message to those within the industry, some of whom have been free-riding on the back of others’ creative input for too long, to put a greater value on design as a key contributor to innovation within a respected and safer trading environment up and down the value chain

Creative Barcodes will be a valuable tool to prove that the recipient has seen and received a document. This then reverses the burden of proof for copying and makes the evidential burden of taking legal action a lot easier as the recipient has to show why they did not copy. Creative Barcodes provides third party evidential proof of origination in the same way as the ACID Design Data Bank (350,000 copies of designs held). Neither system adds to intellectual property rights but provides the creator with independent evidence of origination. Not only will the Creative Barcode system be another deterrent against copying but it will be a positive vehicle for creative collaboration to maximise return on original investment. 

ACID would like to take this opportunity of congratulating Maxine Horn and the CB team and will be working closely with Creative Barcodes to ensure that both systems are known and publicised within the creative industries.

Vanessa Brady, President – Society of British Interior Designers (SBID)

September 2010

"Congratulations to the Creative Barcode team. This system is clever, innovative and is a long overdue requirement to assist Creative Industries to be respected and valued. We will be recommending Creative Barcode™ to all of our member companies."

Geoff McCormack, Business Development Consultant – The Alloy

September 2010

"Creative Barcode™ is a tool that can be used to ensure that new forms of content or new content platforms will have a method in place to allow the value inherent in innovative digital works to pass freely up and down the value chain. This will ensure that innovation continues in a manner that is better for the user/consumer as well as commercially viable for the Creator.

I have recently completed a year long study into the future of digital content on behalf of a Government sponsored organisation. One of the key findings of the report was the goal of content creators being able to be recognised for their input. Creative Barcode™ is potentially a system that will allow full and equitable sharing of creation rights amongst the parties in the value chain.”


Amanda Tatham, Graphic Designer & Director – Designer Breakfasts

September 2010

"Designer Breakfasts are keen to support Creative Barcode™ as it emphasises to clients and potential clients the value and ownership of design concepts, prior to transfer of ownership for payment. It's a clever idea and seems useful, inexpensive, and easy to use. We'll be sure to tell our entire network of creative businesses about it and wait, with interest, to see how it assists designers to overcome some of the problems they face."


Kirsty Dias, Business Development Director – Priestman Goode

September 2010

"Creative Barcode™ will be incredibly useful to us when we release our own concepts into the media, and throughout their journey to market through supply chain partners. For example, in 2009 we launched Waterpebble our own brain child water saving device designed, produced and brought to market by Priestman Goode.

Whilst we ensured that Waterpebble was protected at all stages of its development, Creative Barcode™ would have helped to protect it quickly in the early stages of the concept as well as on its journey to market to keep track of the product's contact with supply chain partners from design engineers through to manufacturers and sales distributors."

Les Stokes, Partner – London Associates

September 2010

"Conventional methods for protecting IP can seriously slow up or sometimes completely obstruct the process of moving from great ideas to market ready products. Creative Barcode™ will significantly help this process and also create better and more productive working relationships between all the parties concerned."

Uwe Derksen – University for the Creative Arts (UCA)

September 2010

"Creative Barcode™ is an initiative and service which should have a positive impact in the enterprising activity of academics and students in protecting their rights as professional originators worldwide. In the creative arts it is important to uphold the value of creativity at the same time as providing users of creative work with a risk-reduced innovation management system and a straightforward way to negotiate trade. I believe it also helps avert legal action and negative publicity brought about by unintended or purposeful misappropriation. Creative Barcode™ supports the recognition of ownership and origination in the creative arts.”


David Quay, Typeface Design Director

September 2010

"Creative Barcode™ system what a fantastic idea! I could have done with this when I was designing Kade, my new typeface family, released in July 2010."


Nathanael Marsh – Advanced Media Associates

September 2010

“The use of Creative Barcode™ will really come into its own when we are required to leave a demo version of software with potential route to market or other co-creation partners. Leaving prototypes with others to assess whether they wish to license, buy-out or commercialise in partnership, leaves developers vulnerable to anyone with a tendency to back-engineer having had time and access to explore its features.”

Mary Davidson, Marketing Director – Greenwich Design, London

September 2010

Creative Barcode is an invaluable and straightforward tool for all parties in the creative process. It puts the shopping and purchase of ideas into the 'paid for' basket, away from disingenuous 'shoplifting' of ideas or a ‘freebie giveaway' in an undervalued, commodity market place.   At last, a real device which attributes kudos, value and ownership to those involved in the ideas generation process, whether buyer or seller...or ideally collaborator!  I worked for many years on the client side for flagship brand owners, and I would not have hesitated to embrace Creative Barcode and sign the Trust Charter to denote their ethical trading policies.


William Knight, Festival Director – London Design Festival

September 2010

“The Creative Barcode™ system will help protect creative practitioners in a comprehensive way. By ensuring designs and original ideas are protected, important promotional activity – such as the London Design Festival -  can show-off the talents of a City or Country without compromising their commercial potential.”

Philip Johnson, Advisor Design and Innovation – Royal Danish Embassy

September 2010

“With Creative Barcode, at last, there’s a system offering genuine protection for those originating designs and innovations. This is a real breakthrough and an effective catalyst for those involved in every aspect of the creative process.”

Bettina von Stamm, Director & Catalyst – Innovation Leadership Forum Ltd.

September 2010

“We are living in interesting times where the zeitgeist is characterised by collaboration, sharing and free distribution of information (mostly via the internet).  Such spirit is sometimes tempered by the desire to assert ownership, and the necessity to earn one’s living.  The possibility of making contributions, thoughts, ideas and concepts traceable enables us to engage with the spirit of our times without regrets.”


Rob Curedale – President Curedale Inc., Los Angeles, USA

September 2010

There is a need for new IP models for co-design and crowd design.

I think over the next 30 years China may try to undermine the enforceability of the existing IP system to create an environment such as exists in the music industry because it does not work in their interests culturally or economically and they are predicted to have an economy twice the size of the US by 2050. There is some evidence that China government policy is already moving in this direction. This could create an environment favoring small Western companies who could innovate to take advantage of the changing model over old large organizations like IBM or Philips that have invested heavily in the old system over the last century.

This system seems to have better traceability than an NDA but is still subject to legal enforcement.

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