18 November 2013

Anti-Copying In Design (ACID) hold feisty debate at law firm DMH Stallard on Clause 13 of the IP Bill on criminal sanctions for blatant copying of designs.

The 2nd Annual ACID DMH Stallard Debate was held on the 7th of November debate the design reforms in the IP Bill recently passed by the House of Lords and, in particular, the controversial Clause 13 and criminal provisions for deliberate registered design infringement. ACID has also campaigned for unregistered designs to be included as the majority of UK (and EU) designers rely on unregistered design right.

Creative Barcode CEO attended the event and says there were some very feisty moments which just underpin how strongly designers feel when their work is copied not just from a commercial point of view but from a deeply personal one. Blatant copying is simply indefensible”.  

Those who state that criminal sanctions if applied to design infringement will curtail innovation might want to rethink. Innovation is ‘new’ to market or even ‘new’ to world. Therefore tougher sanctions should encourage innovation? Taking influence from and crediting an ‘original source’ is significantly different from a blatant or near copy.  

There is also the David and Goliath syndrome to consider. Whilst like for like Corporate giants believe designing around a competitors’ product is fair game and one they can afford to defend, taking the same approach to individual designers and SME’s will result in the destruction of businesses, loss of jobs and creative demotivation.

For the full story of the event and the two opposing views http://www.acid.uk.com/news-article/items/clause-13-one-ip-bill-two-views.html

About ACID

ACID (Anti Copying in Design) was created in 1996 by designers for designers and manufacturers who uphold the value of original design. ACID is committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for IP within individual and corporate responsibility and creating a safer trading environment for its members. By encouraging design talent and nurturing and developing fairer trade in design, we help our members protect their livelihoods to maximise growth and minimise IP infringement.

About Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode is a unique Digital IP system fit for the digital age. It enables individuals, businesses, social enterprises and institutions to attribute ownership and share concepts within a trust based framework in a fast, easy and low cost manner.

In three years since launch, Creative Barcode has attracted thousands of users from more than 30 countries and has gained the endorsement of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The CB system has never been breached.


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