31 October 2013

Creative Barcode bolsters its management Board with the appointment of two new Board Directors

October 2013 Creative Barcode welcomes the appointment of Management Coach Andrew Atter as Commercial Director and the appointment of leading Creative Director, Paul Mellor as a Non-Executive Director. They both join the Board to spearhead an expansion, upgrade and re-launch of Creative Barcode planned for early 2014.

In September 2013 Creative Barcode celebrated its third year in business as a world-first innovative digital IP system designed in the UK to protect early stage ideas and concepts that are developed by start-up and established businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, content producers, designers, students and academic institutions.

The Creative Barcode system is endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and has users in more than 30 Countries, it has never been breached. 

Commercial Director Andrew Atter says “Whilst legally robust the core principles of the CB system are trust, ethics and etiquette which in a fast-moving, digital world are welcomed characteristics that under-pin the exchange of entrepreneurial or creative ideas, knowledge and know-how”

Paul Mellor concurs “Our own successful design firm, Mellor&Scott is a Creative Barcode member and has been a firm fan since its launch in 2010. Our clients and prospective clients applaud our membership of Creative Barcode and support its trust-based principles where both parties uphold the value of creativity. It assures our clients of the originality of our work and confirms the value of the Intellectual Property we create. I am therefore delighted to support Creative Barcode in a hands-on way and become a valuable member of their team”

Following Creative Barcode’s extensive participation in UK government IP reviews and giving direct input into Hargreaves and Hooper’ recommendations between 2011 and 2013, the organisation is in the process of bolstering its successful barcode identification, protection and safe-disclosure system to deliver even faster and easier mechanisms for its worldwide client base by early 2014.

A core focus will be on entrepreneurialism as it is the lifeblood of innovation and without the business and ideas generators the economy would be harder to kick-start. And whether those individuals are launching start-ups, run or are employed by established businesses of any size, they deserve to be identified to their works, valued and protected when collaborating and sharing with other individuals and businesses.   

It’s not hard or expensive to achieve with Creative Barcode.

Editors Notes

About Paul Mellor


Paul Mellor is a Co-Founder and Design Director of London Full Service Creative Agency Mellor&Scott, a fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and an Ambassador of the London Chamber of Commerce

Paul has worked in the creative industry for over 10 years and co-founded Mellor&Scott in 2008 with fellow Director James Smith

Paul is responsible for over-arching commercial and design direction and drives the business forward in a multi-faceted role of Marketeer, Designer, Strategist, Writer, Speech Maker and Director. Clients put their most prized assets in our hands entrusting us to shape, mould, develop, evolve and constantly improve those assets. We recognise and respect that responsibility and always strive to delight and deliver beyond expectation.

About Andrew Atter


Andrew brings a wealth of global leadership and entrepreneurial experience to the role, gained from serving on the management board of a Hong Kong listed company and having set-up numerous businesses in Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK. Andrew is a former Regional Director of the Hay Group and has provided board mentoring to major companies and venture capital firms around the world. He is an expert in work-based learning and emerging forms of business and organization. 

He holds an MSc from the London School of Economics.

Since September 1, 2012, Andrew has been Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Birkbeck, University of London, a role that will continue for a further year.

Andrew lives in Saffron Walden and works in London. He is married with two teenage boys. 

About Creative Barcode


Creative Barcode is a not-for-profit organization, providing digital attribution, safe-disclosure and Intellectual Property solutions to all type of professional Creator worldwide. It is recognized by WIPO, recommended by the British Library IP Centre and supported by some of the UK’s leading IP law firms via its IP Innovation fund.

The Company has nearly 1,000 registered members in 29 countries.  Its proprietary use of QR code technology enables Creators to generate digital barcodes and apply to their concepts and completed works [like digital ‘makers-marks or hallmarks’] to ensure they are identified, acknowledged and commercially rewarded.

Creative Barcode preserves a genealogy of creative works and records when and where they were developed and by whom including other collaborative partners involved in the concept-to-commercialisation journey. These services provide vital support and assurance for creative professionals and Creators of all type to enable them to safely collaborate and sell or license works both online and offline.  

Creative Barcode is just £95 plus vat per annum inclusive of 120 barcode credits and all services. Additional barcodes start at 0.25p



Creative Barcode

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