31 August 2013

Andrew Atter is appointed Managing Director of British Design Initiative (BDI Ltd) a portfolio company facilitating collaborative innovation, accessible IP and deal making for professionals working in the innovation, design & creative communities

The BDI Ltd brand portfolio comprises Innovation Bank, Innovation Directory and British Design Innovation a spin-out currently out on license. Additionally BDI Ltd retains a commercial interest in Creative Barcode the UK’s unique digital Intellectual Property system designed to support the emergence of a digital assets economy, endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

Designers, creators, content producers, innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors will all benefit from a collaborative and safe trading environment designed to facilitate, promote, share, exchange, sell and licence Intellectual Property and digital assets online or offline.

BDI Ltd brands support creators and innovators of all types to safely innovate, collaborate, gain recognition for their talents and generate new or enhanced income.  

The MD appointment coincides with significant opportunity in the field of collaborative innovation and Intellectual Property trading. Following the Hargreaves Review and Hooper/Lynch Reports the UK Government has highlighted the importance to the UK creative digital economy of collaborative innovation and safe trading of digital assets.   

Andrew Atter states “Achieving the right balance between accessible IP mechanisms, safe-trading environments and innovation progress will result in a positive and significant impact on the UK economy. Post the London 2012 Olympics  it is vital to carry forward the UK’s reputation as a hot bed of innovation and creativity”. 

States Maxine Horn, CEO “We are extremely pleased to welcome Andrew aboard BDI Ltd to drive forward its portfolio of properties at this opportune time. We look forward to working with him to significantly increase the commercial opportunities for the company, its portfolio of branded properties, its client base and its partners”

The commercial assets of British Design Initiative will be exploited to their full potential to underpin the growth area of  trading  commercial innovation and creative concepts with corporate businesses and likewise the trading of academically robust applied research.

An immediate opportunity lies in  the expanded BDI Ltd trading partnership with Creative Barcode a radically innovative IP protection and safe disclosure system specifically designed for the digital age.  It attributes and protects ideas from concept to completion and is already proven to be 100% effective in 29 countries, backed by the World Intellectual Protection Organisation.




Editors Notes

About Andrew Atter

Andrew brings a wealth of global leadership and entrepreneurial experience to the role,  gained from serving on the management board of a Hong Kong listed company and having set-up numerous businesses in Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK. Andrew is a former Regional Director of the Hay Group and has provided board mentoring to major companies and venture capital firms around the world. He is an expert in work-based learning and emerging forms of business and organization. 

He holds an MSc from the London School of Economics.

Since September 1, 2012, Andrew has been Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Birkbeck, University of London, a role that will continue for a further year.


Andrew lives in Saffron Walden and works in London. He is married with two teenage boys. 




About British Design Initiative (BDI Ltd)


BDI Ltd was founded in 1993 as a design association and online and offline publisher. It has since fostered the creation of a number of related businesses:


British Design Innovation

In 2005 BDI Ltd re-structured its long established design association and created  a spin-out, British Design Innovation in a move to bring  the industrial design sector closer to the heart of the innovation space. 

British Design Innovation  is a not for profit organization, founded and financed until late 2007 by BDI Ltd and thereafter  its brand, assets, services, database and goodwill are operated by British Design Innovation under license.



Innovation Bank



Re-branded in late 2012 Innovation Bank is a safe-trading portal for all type and size of innovation-led firm. It encourages collaborative partnerships and the licensing, buying and selling of innovation concepts and Intellectual Property (IP). Account holders can place and review propositions deposited safely in the Bank and buy and sell concepts and applied IP. Account holders can send & receive innovation requests to account holders singularly or to specific groups. All trading takes place within a secure, non-public area, where account holders are signed to the Creative Barcode Trust Charter. A front-end Innovation directory and news room is open to public view and is used by account holders as a PR and marketing platform.
www.innovationbank.co.uk Twitter @innovationbank1


Innovation Directory



The front-end fee for services directory is accessible through Innovation Bank. It enables the members and all public visitors to engage the services of any of 13 core strands of innovation services on any terms that suit the parties. Service strands include design, retail, manufacturing, prototyping, research, legal, academic and finance.  A bank account is available at £195 plus vat per annum per company or £55 plus vat per individual and includes all services


About Creative Barcode


Creative Barcode is a not-for-profit organization, providing robust but fast and easy to use digital IP protection and, safe-disclosure mechanisms to all type of professional Creator worldwide. It is recognized by WIPO, recommended by the British Library IP Centre and supported by some of the UK’s leading IP law firms.  

The Company has nearly 1,000 registered members in 29 countries.  Its proprietary use of QR code technology enables Creators to generate digital barcodes and apply to concepts and completed works [like digital ‘makers-marks or hallmarks’] to ensure they are identified, acknowledged and commercially rewarded. Creative Barcode preserves a genealogy of creative works and records when and where they were developed and by whom including other collaborative partners involved in the concept-to-commercialisation journey. These services provide vital support and assurance for creative professionals and Creators of all type to enable them to safely collaborate and sell or license works both online and offline.  

Creative Barcode is just £95 plus vat per annum inclusive of 120 barcode credits and all services. Additional barcodes start at 0.25p










British Design Initiative (BDI Ltd)

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