20 August 2013

Stolen Photo declared winner of Samsung Photo competition

Image below and full story in Image and Visual Magazine by HeikeRost on 20th August 2013 details how a photograph stolen from internationally known artist Hengki Koentjoro became announced the winner on Facebook of Samsungs photo contest, ‘Live the moment’. 




This is not the first time and won’t be the last, that a Corporate brand has run into trouble regards breach of intellectual property due to an individual entering work they didn't own, into a competition.

In this digital age Creators work can easily be amended to deceive or internet users simply become confused regards what they can and cannot use for free, alter, re-mix with or without permission or payment.

It’s not only visual contests such as Samsung’s Live the Moment competition that are vulnerable to intellectual property breach but so to are crowd sourcing, crowd-funding and open innovation activities. Remember how Kick starter were dragged into a patent infringement case over a 3D printer?

Creative Barcode was created to assist Creators, entrepreneurs and Corporates to manage intellectual property swiftly, clearly and easily in the digital age.  

Had Samsung operated under Creative Barcode terms, every Creator submitting an image would have barcoded their original work confirming it as their own under legal warranty to Samsung via the Trust Charter.  

Or had Hengki Koentjoro (as with any other Creator) marked his work using Creative Barcode Rights Reserved identifiers, (or any other third party identifier) it is highly unlikely that the thief would have so blatantly stolen the image and presented it, marginally amended, as his own work because to do so would have made him legally accountable.

The importance of Creators marking their works becomes ever more vital in a digital age particularly with upcoming changes to IP laws concerned with ‘orphan works’. Orphan works simply means ‘Creator unknown’ and if you can prove you undertook a diligent search for the Creator but couldn’t find them, copyright thieves may in the future be able to avoid prosecution by declaring it an Orphan Work.

Creative Barcode built-in to open innovation activities provides Corporate firms and other organisations with greater re-assurance that the concepts and designs submitted to their open contests are authentic and owned by the Creators submitting them.

If you value it, Barcode it


Maxine Horn /Heikerost
Creative Barcode / Image & Visual Magazine

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