18 April 2013

30 UK IP law firms unite behind IP Innovation Fund to focus on early-stage entry into the IP system for Creators of all type.

Creative Barcode and British Library will host the IP Innovation Fund (IPIF) inaugural meeting on April 22nd where over 30 UK IP law firms will unite to discuss empowering Creators, of all type, to enter the Intellectual Property system a lot earlier than they currently do. 

The launch meeting will take place at the British Library Conference Centre, hosted by the British Council IP Centre, an IPIF supporter

The launch of the IPIF has been led by Creative Barcode and Innovation Bank as a follow-on response to the UK IP Review, Hargreaves recommendations, and the (Richard) Hooper Stage 1 report which presented a very clear value chain illustration. 

Figure 2 below shows Creators at the beginning of the value chain entering the funnel to enable broader commercialisation of works. And in essence highlights the identification of original source as critical.

Arguably, without identification, protection and respect for original source Creators, it could reduce the quantity and quality of works for other parties (A,B,C) in the value chain to commercialise.


"In the digital age the IP issues have become far more confused and complex where most internet users do not understand the difference between free to access, free to view and that of free or paid or permission based download and use of copyright works published online" commented Maxine Horn, CEO, Creative Barcode.


A second core issue highlighted consistently by Creative Barcode, (although widely recognised by many other parties), is the deep blue sea that exists between early-stage concepts and their development journey which lead to patents applications, registered designs or copyright registration and the commercialisation of that IP. And importantly the need for fast and safe conversations with third parties to take place throughout that journey.

Digital transfer of files containing concept works disclosed to a third party for agreement of co-creation, collaboration or license or sale of IP has become faster and easier but inevitably far more prone to misappropriation or misunderstanding of disclosure.  NDAs at early-stage many agree are not necessarily effective.

Digital NDA replacements such as the Creative Barcode QR code identifier system are used to open up innovation via trusted and safe conversations encountering neither time delays nor ambiguity of terms.

These are the building blocks upon which the IP Innovation fund is intended to build.

Law practices weighing in with support range from individual specialists to large practices including Crefovi, Lewis Silkin, Walker Morris, IP Quest, Sanderson & Co, British Library, Highbury,  IPO Guernsey and many more across the Country.

Mark Grant, Business Development Manager of law firm Lewis Silkin says “we are committed to stimulating innovation in the UK ensuring it is less daunting and also promoting a more positive and fair approach to the management of intellectual property”


The participating law firms and intermediaries are likely to work together to develop a non-complex original source registry. This is designed to seek to avoid Orphan works occurring and to combat Meta Data stripping issues whether they occur via photo libraries, App developers, software developers or portals such as Face Book and Twitter.

Additionally the collaboration will seek to make educational and training materials and activities accessible, available and useable to all.

The IP Innovation initiative is open to all specialist UK IP law firms, University IP departments, IP strategists and IP intermediaries on the proviso that any supporting party is co-joined to the core objective : to make it faster and easier for any Creator to enter the IP system earlier and more positively than they can currently do.

It is anticipated that the collective will provide knowledge, resources and ideas to create IP tools and mechanisms, fit for the digital age, to ensure original source is always identifiable and accessible.

The IP Innovation initiative team acknowledge that it cannot resolve all issues nor create a vanilla solution to IP in the digital age. However, it represents a positive starting point where parties are united under a goal unencumbered by business model investment and thereby at liberty to work on a relatively fresh canvass. The group will also be ideally positioned to act as a sounding board and sanity check, if required by other IP decision makers.

For further information contact

Maxine J Horn, CEO Creative Barcode.




About Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode is a not for profit organisation. It provides an IP attribution, time-stamp, protection, safe-disclosure, and transfer of ownership system rolled into one which is fit for the digital age. Its barcode generator enables Creators to produce their unique QR codes attributing their work and apply it to every stage of development to chart their innovation journey from concept to launch / sale.

Barcoded files are sent through the secure file transfer service to third parties who accept the terms of the Trust Charter before download can commence. All transactions are recorded. Uniquely when IP is sold, the QR code Meta Data can be updated to the new owners’ details in minutes which simultaneously updates every item it was previously applied to whether online or in print. The transfer of ownership certificate is then completed and issued to the new owner.  

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Maxine Horn
Creative Barcode

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