10 January 2013

Today, with users in more than 24 Countries and without a single breech arising, Creative Barcode has established its market position and its value to users. Price increase imminent

Launched in September 2010 Creative Barcode is used by professional Creators; designers; entrepreneurs; inventors; innovators; small and large companies and Universities to create safe-disclosure barcodes for application to written and visual concepts, designs, and business proposals/plans/propositions and to safely disclose them to third parties via the file transfer facility where the terms of the Trust Charter are accepted before files can be downloaded.  It’s fast, easy, friendly and legally robust.

Members also create Rights Reserved Barcodes for application to completed work /items displayed on and offline which require their permission to use and which contain links to their contact details and licensing terms where applicable. Or create and apply Free-Use codes to completed items of work, images, articles and research papers that they are happy for others to use without charge but with an attribution to the author/Creator and their source credit

All members signify their agreement to the principles of the Trust Charter

Say’s Maxine Horn, CEO, Creative Barcode “over the years IP has become more complex, costly and combative and often used by corporates as battle weapons. As such the traditional IP system has become less and less beneficial to Creators. The original purpose of the IP system was to provide Creators with a rightly deserved ability to earn a living, this has slowly diminished.  The Creative Barcode system attempts to revert back to that original intended purpose of IP / Copyright but in a fair, friendly, fast, efficient manner, fit for the digital age and where a legally robust framework is placed around trust, ethics and etiquette”.

On February 1st, 2013 the CB-PRO account will increase from £30 to £95 plus vat per annum. Cost of additional barcodes / credits will not increase.  The price increase does not affect existing member accounts

The original introductory price for CB-PRO at £30 per annum was prior to the introduction of Rights Reserved codes and new features introduced in September 2012. It was an introductory market price offered whilst the system was established and proven as an alternative IP mechanism.

Today, with users in more than 24 Countries and without a single breech arising, Creative Barcode has established its market position and its value to users.

At £95 per annum Creative Barcode still represents exceptional value for money in the IP attribution, protection and safe-disclosure space and is unrivalled as a legally robust whilst trust, ethics & etiquette based IP protection system, fit for the digital age.

Over the coming year, Creative Barcode intends to evolve forward with potential feature & service additions which are likely to include an API for third-party portal integration, a formal registry of barcoded works with cloud based storage facilities and further down the line, an Augmented Reality application that humanises the Creator associated to the products, services and businesses they launch/run. 

Overall Creative Barcode has a firm belief that if the entry level into intellectual property becomes less complex, faster and easier then individuals; innovators; creative, new technology, micro-sized and start-up firms, will be better positioned to identify & benefit from their IP created at the outset, through to and beyond commercialisation.

From February 2013 Creative Barcode in partnership with Innovation Bank and Blue Pencil will embark on the IP Innovation Fund and galvanise the participation of over 200 law firms, University IP departments and innovation intermediaries who share in its core beliefs.

Watch this space …..

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