24 September 2012

Mike Weatherley, MP for Hove & Portslade salutes new IP Rights Reserved identifiers launched to assist Creators worldwide and more than 2billion internet users.

Image Caption above: L to R Mike Weatherly, MP & David Cameron, PM

Brighton & Hove based IP innovators, Creative Barcode, received strong praise from Mike Weatherley MP for their introduction of intellectual property identifiers, fit for the digital age.

Say’s Mike, “The outcomes of the Government review of the UK Intellectual Property framework have highlighted the need for non-complex, low cost IP solutions fit for the digital age. Creative Barcodes’ latest innovations have certainly achieved that. Their Rights Reserved and Free-Use identifiers applied to Creators works that are displayed on the internet not only attribute the Creator but, importantly, enable viewers to understand what is free to use and what is not.”

Brighton & Hove are renowned for their creative industries including digital content creators, games designers, graphics, fashion and typographers. They bring value not only to the local economy but to UK GDP and export earnings.   

Today’s digital world has opened up huge opportunities for Creative Industries on the other hand it has caused concerns regards intellectual property – the very life blood of the creative economy.

The new identifiers applied to creative works displayed on the internet, at exhibitions, in print denote what is free to download and use and what has Rights Reserved and requires permission and payment where applicable. Importantly the identifiers contain links to the Creator, their IP status, source credits and contact details to request permission to use, buy or license the work


Image caption: App, Creative Barcode identifiers

Further details http://www.creativebarcode.com/newsitem?item=70

The majority of internet users believe that all items published on the web are free to download and use and therefore can find themselves on the wrong side of copyright law. To assist internet users to understand the rules Creators themselves need to take responsibility for identifying usage rights in their work.

And in doing so search engines such as Google Images become more compliant with IP rights as their image returns will contain the Rights Reserved or Free Use codes and links to Creators Meta Data.

Likewise portals such as Pinterest who came under heavy criticism for its inadvertent aiding and abetting of copyright breach and for making users responsible for claims of copyright breach, could ease their troubles if Creators work pinned carried their free-use or rights reserved barcodes.

Creators whose work is downloaded and used without permission or worse is copied and commercialised by businesses for their profit alone rightly feel aggrieved.

However, overall knowledge of copyright is a shared responsibility. With clear and non-complex terms communicated all parties can understand the usage terms and stay on the right side of the law.


About Creative Barcode


Creative Barcode is a digital Intellectual Property identifier system and App used by Creators to produce Safe-Disclosure, Rights Reserved and Free-Use unique barcodes. It enables any Creator or Company anywhere in the world to attribute & protect their intellectual property, concepts and completed creative work, on and offline.

Creative Barcode is the first innovation in the Intellectual Property sector for more than three decades, fit for the digital age.

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