27 June 2012

Creative Barcode rides into Argentina & appoints sub-agent, Javier Gonzalez Pedraza, MBA

Creative Barcode is pleased to welcome to its international team Javier Gonzalez Pedraza an MBA educated Professor at the National University of Technology in Buenos Aires and Managing Director of JGP & A. Javier is appointed as sub-agent Argentina to build upon Creative Barcode’s growing dominance in Latin American markets. Javier will work in partnership with Lead agent Maria Balsa and sub-agent Yasiara Ortiz Moggio who cover Hispanic markets including Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico & Spain

Based in Buenos Aires, Javier is committed to entrepreneurialism & innovation in creative industries and beyond. He is a member of INICIA, Entrepreneurs of the future Program; academic co-ordinator at IDEA; project leader of Young Rural Entrepreneurs, a World Bank programme of the Ministry of Agriculture, Argentina and consultant at  INCUBA a Centro Metropolitano de Diseño initiative representing design industry entrepreneurs .

Javier states “I am pleased to be working with Creative Barcode to incorporate its open-protection and safe-disclosure system into my work with Universities and institutions throughout Argentina. My goal is to raise its brand awareness & bring its innovative Intellectual Property digital protection system into universities and institutions that are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in the design and creative industry”.

Creative Barcode is designed to open up innovation not restrict it. It enables authentication & ownership of new works, protection of them and facilitates their safe-disclosure to industry partners better positioned to commercialise. And it does so in a non-complex but legally robust way that is under-pinned by the human principles of ethics, trust, equality and fair trading. The system is endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) mediation & arbitration service who intercept should a breach occur. In 18 months of use worldwide not a single breach has occurred to date.

No other mechanism protects innovation and creative concepts during the pre-commercialised early stages of development.  But it is at this stage that Creators are most vulnerable as the existing intellectual property mechanisms do not enable ideas to be protected. Creative Barcode does protect concepts and it therefore bridges an important gap between concepts pre-commercialisation, safe-disclosure and commercialisation. 

Says Creative Barcode, CEO, Maxine Horn “Javier brings a wealth of international experience to Creative Barcode. He is well positioned to support our core aim to open up innovation by providing non-complex Intellectual Property protection and safe-disclosure to Universities, their graduates, and to the creative industries and industry at large”


Launched in September 2010 Creative Barcode has already attracted customers from more than 19 Countries across 5 continents. It has been an active participant in the UK IP policy reviews and expects to be part of the IP solutions recommended by the Hargreaves Review and Hooper implementation phases.


The growing importance of the Trusted Agent model

Increasingly, Creative Barcode is being adopted by Universities, institutions such as World Bank, other intermediaries and ideation portals who act in a ‘trusted agent’ role.  These organisations manage the use of Creative Barcode attributing barcodes to individual Creators but where permission to use and commercial negotiations are conducted by the lead organisation acting as the trusted agent.

Whilst established creative businesses manage their own Creative Barcode accounts and make it a formal part of their IP policy, many other Creators particularly students and young entrepreneurs feel better protected by an institution or intermediary who are less emotionally attached and better skilled to handle business negotiations.

Creative Barcode anticipates that the trusted agent role will become significantly more important as institutions begin to recognise their responsibility towards protecting the interests of those they represent and shield their lone Creators from the vulnerabilities faced when negotiating with a commercial organisation. The trusted agent model levels the playing field and opens up revenue streams for the trusted agents who add value to the commercialisation process.

About Creative Barcode

Launched in September 2010 Creative Barcode fulfils an unmet need for the protection and authentication of innovation concepts pre-commercialization. It is the first innovation in the IP sector for more than 3 decades and is fit for the digital age.  Usage of Creative Barcode opens-up innovation not restricts as it reduces the vulnerability of disclosure pre-commercialisation and provides an authentication to concepts and a measureable value to innovation journeys.

And it does so in a legally robust yet non-complex way at a price point affordable to every individual Creator up to the largest company or University worldwide

Once the concept / IP have been sold the system enables a ‘transfer of ownership’ certificate to be generated at the click of a button where inclusion and exclusion fields are completed. This updates the barcode details to the new owner from whom any future permissions to use are then sought.


Maxine Horn, CEO



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