19 June 2012

Mellor & Scott aim to be the best Creative Agency in the world and in that quest they take their and their clients IP seriously. A Creative Barcode case study by Paul Mellor

There are many challenges that face a design agency; some issues are relatively trivial and others - such as the protection of intellectual property and creative content – can fundamentally affect the financial stability of the business.  Protection of our intellectual property and creative content pre- appointment or when developing own innovation concepts to be disclosed to potential industry partners when negotiating a collaboration deal, has been a particularly tricky and complex area.

And although Mellor & Scott Design rarely participate in free pitching they do recognise that new forms of business engagement that rely upon partnerships with brands rather than just fee for services, do at times necessitate investment in creative works to secure a collaborative partnership deal. In these instances protection of that investment in creative works and its inherent intellectual property is crucial.

The traditional intellectual property system does not offer the means or non-complex and affordable mechanisms for protection of concept works. As such it can leave design firms over-exposed and vulnerable to misappropriation of their ideas, creativity and investment.

Mellor & Scott was therefore delighted with the launch of Creative Barcode which does offer fast, efficient, legally robust, non-complex and affordable protection of concept works.

Director Paul Mellor say’s “we signed-up immediately and Creative Barcode has become a fundamental part of our business operations and intellectual property processes.

Our clients and prospective clients & partners equally benefit from our use of Creative Barcode as it also protects their interests and demonstrates that Mellor & Scott are a professional firm who take their own and their clients Intellectual Property seriously”.

Mellor & Scott also use Creative Barcode to support the document infrastructure within a client project.

Paul continues “There are occasions when a client has an ad hoc design requirement where it is not cost or time efficient to enter into detailed proposals and quotations. The simple application of a Creative Barcode and the use of FTP upload/download enable us to respond quickly to client requests whilst protecting against non-payment or misuse of design concepts.

The Creative Barcode system fits in neatly with our existing documentation system and is a cost effective way of controlling and protecting one of our key assets – our intellectual property”.

About Creative Barcode

Creative barcode is the first innovation in the intellectual property sector for more than three decades. It is easy to use, fast, cost efficient, non-complex, legally robust and endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). www.creativebarcode.com

A lawyer’s perspective http://www.bluepencilset.com/index.php/law-watch/media/item/55-brighton-rocks-to-creative-barcode

A business journalists’ perspective  


About Mellor & Scott

Mellor & Scott is built on the belief that ‘creativity is key’ and therefore a collection of the brightest creative talent in one studio is capable of achieving amazing work. We also believe that work should be fun and therefore hard work should be lots of fun (we think the office play list says it all!). The aim is to be the best agency in the world and we firmly believe we are well on our way to achieving our goal.


Paul Mellor
Mellor and Scott
United Kingdom

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