01 June 2012

Local MP and Inventers Call For More Protection for Entrepreneurs

Filton and Bradley Stoke MP Jack Lopresti has joined a campaign for better protection for inventers and innovators. Mr Lopresti accompanied Denise Anstey and Trevor Bayliss OBE to hand in a petition to 10 Downing Street. The petition has called on the Government to look into what better protection can be given to inventors for the designs and ownership rights of products. The campaigners have also launched an e-petition and are encouraging anyone interested to sign it online.
Mrs Anstey is the inventor of the Slik Stick, a product that saw her voted as the British female inventor of the year in 2009. Denise has also been backed by Trevor Bayliss OBE who is best known for inventing the wind-up radio.

Trevor Bayliss said:
“Innovation is key to this country’s success; it put the “Great” into Great Britain. We believe that better protection for inventers will ensure a prosperous future for those currently working to build a career in Innovation and those about to step onto the ladder of work by addressing the protection issues we have raised. This campaign is not a criticism of the Government or its policies but an initiative for change.”

Both Trevor and Denise have been affected by Intellectual Property violation which saw their products re-produced by other companies.
There is currently a legal loophole that allows a company to enter into liquidation if it has run up too much debt, and then start trading the next day under a new name but selling the same goods. The campaigners say that it is too easy for a company to enter into voluntary liquidation as it in effect abandons their responsibilities to the inventors, leaves their creditors with debt that they in turn have to manage which subsequently fuels our debt mountain.

There is some existing protection but the campaigners say that in reality it doesn’t work.

Denise Anstey said:
“It is true that a Patent or Design Right can formally protect an idea however if a perpetrator still shows intent to deceive the rightful holder of this Intellectual Property then private legal action is still the only action for resolution. It is the small businesses or lone inventors who spend many thousands of pounds protecting their ideas who subsequently do not have the financial means to fight these cases. The result is the loss of their idea or product to another company after devoting and dedicating their lives and many long hours to their work.”

Jack Lopresti MP has been assisting Denise with her campaign for the past two years and has called for the Government to look into the issues that the campaign has raised.

Jack Lopresti said:
“It is a necessity to keep our Innovators protected fully for their innovative ideas so that they won’t feel forced to relocate overseas to seek safe investment and protection. I am full of respect and admiration for inventors like Denise and Trevor. I believe that innovators and grafters like them are integral to our country’s future and I support all they are trying to achieve. We have brought the issue to the Governments attention and I look forward to hearing the response. I am confident that the Government will do all it can to assist innovators and small businesses in these tough times.”

Creative Barcode

New IP mechanisms such as the British born Innovation Creative Barcode, endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) - is very much a step in the right direction. It knows the value of innovation concepts without which there would be nothing too commercialise. And it understands that the lack of affordable protection for Creators as well as the cost and complexity of traditional Intellectual Property mechanisms tends to restrict innovation rather than support it. Creative Barcode aims to change trading standards to a much fairer, far more ethical approach - something it is having some degree of success with having attracted users from more than 18 countries across 5 continents and where not a single breech of the barcode system and its Trust Charter agreement has occured since launch in September 2010. It's mechanism brings hope to 1000's of Creators - although changes in the patent system also need to take place to support & protect inventors. Creative Barcode enables 'safe' disclosures and conversations to take place - but once commercialised inventors are still prone to the unethical behaviours of some businesses who rely upon inventors vulnerability and lack of finances to fight back and enforce their patent rights.   



Note to Editors please call Jack Lopresti MP on 0207 219 7070.
The petition can be found at http://deniseanstey.com/page14.htm or via the government's online petition site http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/33858 and http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/33857 .

Denise Anstey - Female Inventor of the Year 2009
Slik Stik

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