08 May 2012

Creative Barcode appoints international affairs consultant Yasiara Ortiz Moggio as sub-agent for Spain and areas of Latin America.

Building on its international growth Creative Barcode is pleased to welcome on board Yasiara Ortiz Moggio to act as lead agent for Spain and sub-agent in Latin America working in partnership with Hispanic market lead agent Maria Balsa.

Based in Madrid but travelling and working throughout Latin America, Yasiara is a multi-linguist fluent in Spanish, English, and French & Italian. She is University educated with a BA in Economics and Latin American Affairs and an MA in International Affairs and Economic policy at Columbia University in New York.

Yasiara predominantly acts as an independent consultant supporting Universities & institutions with development and implementation of their internationalization strategies; raising their brand awareness, running projects and providing business development support.  

Says Creative Barcode, CEO, Maxine Horn “Yasiara brings a wealth of international experience to Creative Barcode. She adds a valuable dimension to our international development & our core aim to open up innovation by providing non-complex Intellectual Property protection and safe-disclosure to Universities, their graduates, to the creative industries and industry at large”

Launched in September 2010 Creative Barcode has already attracted customers from more than 16 Countries across 5 continents. It has been an active participant in the UK IP policy reviews and expects to be part of the IP solutions emanating from the Hargreaves Review and subsequent calls for evidence & solution phases.

Yasiara adds “ I am pleased to be working with Creative Barcode and incorporating its open-protection and safe-disclosure system into my works with Universities and institutions throughout my work in Spain and parts of Latin America. My goal is to create Brand Awareness for the company, incorporate its innovative technology in universities and increase its outreach and network in international organizations such as The European Commission. 


About Creative Barcode

Launched in September 2010 Creative Barcode fulfils an unmet need for the protection and authentication of innovation concepts pre-commercialization. It is the first innovation in the IP sector for more than 3 decades and is fit for the digital age.  Usage of Creative Barcode opens-up innovation not restricts as it reduces the vulnerability of disclosure pre-commercialisation and provides an authentication to concepts and a measureable value to innovation journeys.

And it does so in a legally robust yet non-complex way at a price point affordable to every individual Creator up to the largest company or University worldwide


Maxine Horn, CEO





Maxine Horn/Yasiara Ortiz Moggio
Creative Barcode

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