14 October 2011

To boost Universities ‘early-stage’ protection of design, creativity and innovation, Creative barcode appoints Commercialisation Director & IPR advocate

Creative Barcode, the world’s first Digital Barcode: Design Protection system for concept innovators, designers, universities and brand owners world-wide has appointed independent consultant Alan Matthews as its first commercialisation director to facilitate its use throughout Universities from post Grad students up to MBA and senior staff levels.  

The unique and legally robust concept protection system authenticates and identifies the value of Intellectual Property held in creative, innovation and design works pre-contract/ pre-patent. It significantly reduces the vulnerabilities Creators experience when seeking to hold early conversations with third party clients; co-creation partners or investors.

Supported by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the easy to use Barcode generator and file transfer system with its’ single-click, Trust Charter agreement focuses minds on the ethical importance and value of creativity & Intellectual property.

“Concept Innovators from every industry spend hundreds if not thousands of hours bringing their ideas to life” states Maxine Horn, CEO of Creative Barcode.  “By incorporating a simple yet powerful, Digital Barcode into all project documentation and imagery ownership is authenticated and the development journey recorded & subsequently protected.”

The key to the power of Creative Barcode is in its simplicity to implement, its legal robustness and its cost effectiveness. It therefore enables any individual and any size or type of organisation to protect the IPR when presenting creative or innovation design to prospective clients, collaborators or funders.

Alan’s primary role will be to focus on the uptake of Creative Barcode technologies within universities and various corporate sectors with an aim to facilitate wide-spread usage to authenticate, protect and track innovation concepts, creative works, knowledge transfer and IP management.

Alan P Matthews, Commercialisation Director

Alan has over 25 year’s business success as a technologist and as a successful business manager.  He manages a portfolio of technology led businesses that he acts for in a commercial consultancy capacity including world-class Avco Systems Ltd.   He brings to Creative Barcode his experience of a wide range of technologies including barcodes, web technologies and software integration.  His business experience covers a broad range of technical and consultative sales, market and product development along with project and operational management. 

Says Alan “When I first came across Creative Barcode I immediately became a member to authenticate and protect my innovation concept proposals for new technologies produced for my clients.  I was impressed with Creative Barcode’s innovative approach together with the simplicity and ease of use of the technology and its obvious worldwide market potential. Partnering with them to assist in achieving their ambitions was an easy decision for me. Their product complements other technologies and organisations I act for so adding Creative Barcode to my portfolio of companies makes perfect sense.”

Creative Barcode, CEO, Maxine J Horn concurs “Alan is a great addition to our team bringing not only technology knowledge, know-how and competencies but important management, sales and marketing experience. We are delighted to welcome him aboard and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership”


Editors Notes

About Alan P Matthews

Alan has had a successful career spanning over 35 years and has been involved with a significant amount of ever changing technologies such as digital electronics, radio & telemetry systems, computer systems implementations, enterprise intranets and extranets, cloud computing,  and, more recently, mobile application development.   These technologies have been implemented within a wide range of vertical markets including emergency Services, local and central government, manufacturing, library and information management and health informatics.

Whilst retaining a technical foundation, delivering technology for business benefit and growth provided a greater draw for Alan alongside higher levels of client satisfaction. He is motivated by delivering client success and is comfortable in sharing risk when advocating new practices and technologies.

His experience has covered a wide range of roles including:

·         Management Consultant

·         Technology Consultant

·         Business Process improvement

·         Operations Management.

·         Product Management

·         Project Management

·         Commercial management

·         Marketing and Sales development

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About Creative Barcode®  

·         It is a world-class digital Barcode: Design Protection system

·         Used by designers, universities and brand-owners to authenticate their innovation concepts & designs

·         Used to track concept to commercialisation & accrue IP value

·         Used to protect knowledge, creativity, invention and innovation

·         Is more visible, faster & easier than a non-disclosure

·         Comes with a CB Secure file transfer & tracking system

·         Includes a Digital barcode Generator/App & 5 Barcodes

·         Costs from just £30/$47plus vat per annum inclusive of Community membership & Directory entry 

But it’s also a lot more than just a way of identifying the originator & protecting their work

It is also a community of creative firms & individuals, innovators, universities and brand owners who all value original work and agree to the principles of the Trust Charter.

It is used by:

·         Creative individuals, innovative companies and professional originators

·         Designers, photographers, writers, film-makers, artists and illustrators

·         Universities & Brand owners

Creative Barcode users are supported by, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Centre




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