07 October 2011

UCA’s Creative Challenge™ adopts Creative Barcode® to safeguard students’ IP value

The University of the Creative Arts has signed up to Creative Barcode - the world’s first digital barcode, Design Protection system developed to enable all concept innovators, designers, universities and brand-owners to authenticate original source,  protect, track and manage Intellectual property in a cost efficient way; worldwide.



Say’s Uwe Derksen “It is important as Universities that we teach the next generation of designers the importance of Intellectual Property value, protection and management. Currently traditional IP mechanisms are complex and can be inaccessible to students and even staff. Creative Barcode however is the first rung on the ladder for students. It introduces them to IP in a very accessible, time and cost efficient way and prepares them for live industry engagement whilst protecting their interests. We are keen for creative arts students to recognize the value in their work and develop a professional approach in negotiating that value early on in their career”

The University for the Creative Arts comprises of five campuses based in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester. Annually students, across a range of creative disciplines from fine art, fashion and media to product design and architecture participate in the Creative Challenge programme.

The 2011/12 Creative Challenge will launch in Epsom on the 26th October and Canterbury on the 31st October.  Industry, academics and students are invited to attend. The events will take place at each campus between 6pm – 8pm. To confirm attendance email Linda Lawrence .

The 2011/12 Creative Challenge ‘Setting the pace for the future’ has evolved over the years. It is supported by a series of programmes run by the University for the Creative Arts who work with students from all years across a range of creative arts disciplines. We test the validity and commercial merit of their creative ideas framed within a competition assessed by academic and experienced industry representatives.

Students gain direct exposure to business as well as  support through workshops; mentoring; 1-2-1 coaching ; and industry placement opportunities  Creative Barcode will be introduced as the IP support & protection model throughout the process and 50 students will receive a full year’s membership and the complete digital barcode, Design Protection system.    



Maxine Horn, CEO of Creative Barcode, says now more than ever, it is essential that students are made aware of the importance of idea authentication and IP protection. That can only happen if early-stage conversations and negotiations can take place between Originators, academia and Industry in a safe and trusted environment and in a non-complex, time and cost efficient manner. The Creative Barcode, digital barcode, Design Protection system enables that to happen. We look forward to working closely with UCA, their students and evaluators to ensure that trust based ethical practices are at the core of the Creative Challenge”.


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Now in its seventh year, the Creative Challenge, concept, brand and approach has been led by Uwe Derksen Assistant Director Research & Enterprise.

Under his leadership the students’ feedback is taken on board and their engagement with academics, business and other stakeholders is developed alongside intense encouragement from the Creative Challenge team and its supporters.

Through discussion and building on experience, a key message has crystallised which captures the philosophy, thrust and ambition of the Creative Challenge programme:

“Sustaining innovation and creative enterprise comes from the art of doing, connecting and engaging. And encouraging critically informed constructive thought whilst maintaining independence. It is a framework that sets the pace for the future individually, collectively and collaboratively.

For further information

UCA Creative Challenge, Uwe Derksen, Assistant Director R+E and Head of Creative Challenge, email: uderksen@ucreative.ac.uk



About UCA

The University for the Creative Arts has campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester and is one of Europe’s largest specialist Universities of art, design, architecture, media and communication. With around 7, 000 students studying on a wide range of well-established courses, potential graphic designers’ work alongside budding journalists and pioneering fashion designers in a highly creative environment.


 About Creative Barcode®


Creative Barcode® is

·         A world-class digital Barcode, Design Protection system

·         It is used by members to authenticate innovation concepts & designs

·         It is used to track concept to commercialisation & accrue IP value

·         It is used to protect knowledge, creativity, invention and innovation

·         It is more visible, faster & easier than a non-disclosure

·         It comes with a CB Secure file transfer & tracking system

·         The digital system includes Barcode Generator/App & 5 Barcodes

·         It costs just £30per annum inclusive of Community Directory entry 

But it’s also a lot more than just a way of identifying the originator & protecting their work

Users get to join a community of creative individuals, innovators, universities and brand owners who all value original work and agree to the principles of the Trust Charter.

It is used by:

·         Creative individuals, innovative companies and professional originators

·         Designers, photographers, writers, film-makers, artists and illustrators

·         Universities & Brand owners


Creative Barcode users are supported by, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Centre

Click here for more information and visual example of barcodes



Learn more: Creative Barcode® overview


Maxine J Horn, CEO, Creative Barcode UK,

m.j.horn@creativebarcode.com ; www.creativebarcode.com  




Uwe Derksen/Maxine Horn
University for the Creative Arts
United Kingdom

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