01 October 2011

Creative Barcode launch Venezuela & Uruguay University and Incubator Partnership

Creative Barcode - the world’s first digital barcode, Design Protection system is changing both the way creativity is valued & how creative individuals, academics and firms are engaged by industry worldwide - has launched its first overseas University coalition partnership with a trio of Universities and Incubators in Uruguay and Venezuela. 

The partnership will be headed by Uruguay based lawyer Maria Balsa, Creative Barcode’s Lead Agent for Hispanicamerica and advisor to the Catholic University of Uruguay and their Incubator, Ingenio of LATU (Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay). 

Say’s Maria Balsa, “I am delighted that Latin America is pioneering Creative Barcode in the University and Creative Industries sector.

Now more than ever, it is essential that all nations unite and collaborate to ensure that (open) innovation reaches its full potential. That can only happen if early-stage conversations and negotiations can take place between Originators, academia and Industry in a safe and trusted environment. Creative Barcode enables that to happen and we look forward to ensuring Hispanic markets are fully involved”

The coalition partners are:

 ·         Universidad Simón Bolivar Venezuela represented by Rector . Enrique Planchart, being its coordinator William Colmenares, Professor leading the Innovation course at the University organized by Pila Network.

 ·         Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay represented by General Manager Dr. Jorge Silveira for Ingenio Incubator (Uruguay) whose director is Rafael García.  

·         Catholic University (Uruguay) represented by Dr. Martín Duarte Guigou (Head of R&D Office) being its coordinator with Paola Papa (Academic Coordinator of Communications Degree)

We are confident that other Hispanic University and Incubator partners will join the coalition and participate in a bigger movement to bring a social networking and collaborative innovation platform to market

Within one year since its September 2010 launch, Creative Barcode has achieved the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), international media acclaim and built a community of over 1000 organizations and individuals worldwide from creative, academic, corporate and legal sectors. 

Say’s CEO, Maxine Horn, “we are on track to establishing Creative Barcode as ‘the’ ethical trading standard of choice between creative firms, academia and industry worldwide. An ethical, trust based platform of open-protection is needed to open up innovation rather than restrict it”

All creative individuals and firms can now afford to take fast and efficient responsibility for their and their clients Intellectual Property without complex paperwork and normal costs and time involved. As such it introduces a ‘first-level’ action to protect pre-commercialized concepts & significantly reduce vulnerability during negotiations.

A new micro barcode has also been introduced for application on commercialized work which will assist Creative individuals and firms of all type and size to protect completed works displayed on the web, in print & in exhibitions. 

The ‘upholding the value of creativity’ and ‘permission based usage only’ messages remain the same throughout.

The University sector are responsible not only for their own innovative works but for teaching creative students and incubator companies of the next generation. As such they will play an incredible important role in innovation growth and ensuring early-stage concepts are protected, respected and valued.


For further information

Maxine J Horn, CEO, Creative Barcode UK, Maria Balsa, Creative Barcode, Hispanic, Latin America

team@creativebarcode.com ; m.balsa@creativebarcode.com


About Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode is positively changing how knowledge, creativity & innovation is valued, exchanged and procured world-wide between creative industries, academics & brand owners

It aims to significantly reduce the vulnerabilities and innovation blocks caused by the misappropriation of commercial ideas.

No pre-contract proposal or visual concept should leave the building without its barcode

Annual membership is just £30/$47 (+VAT)*


Learn more: Creative Barcode® overview

About Universidad Bolivar de Venezuela

Universidad Simón Bolivar, includes as it values a set of principles, attitudes and dispositions which have shaped its institutional profile, have served as a reference and have been practiced, individually and collectively by members of the University community from the foundation of this institution:

1. Pursuit of Excellence,  2. Creating Future, 3. Professional Quality

4. mysticism, 5. honesty, 6. respect, 7. responsibility, 8. solidarity

9. equity, 10. Environmental Awareness


About Universidad Católica, Uruguay

Universidad Católica is a University open to the world, committed to academic excellence and humane, form men and women for others and with others.  Wants to drive through ways of  openness, innovation, dialogue and cooperation in the common search for truth.

 Committed from the Catholic and Ignatian identity distinguished by "the service of faith and the promotion of justice," to develop the dialogue between faith and culture and contribute to building a more fair society.

About  Incubadora Ingenio, Uruguay 

Ingenio is the business Incubator of LATU (Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay)  which includes as its aims :

 promoting entrepreneurship through innovation, enhancing the value of clients in Uruguay and abroad, supporting dynamic and profitable new enterprises in order to facilitate their access to international markets.

Creating new strategies for entrepreneurship development

 Helping to Build Entrepreneurship Communities in New Areas

Contributing to the Development of a Regional Incubator Network



Maria Balsa
Creative Barcode
Uruguay, Venezuela

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