16 September 2011

Creative Barcode celebrates its first year anniversary 16/09/2011

And what a year it has been

For our members we achieved the support of the World Intellectual Property Organisations’ (WIPO) mediation and arbitration service. WIPO will step in for any Creative Barcode members who believe an alleged breach has occurred. A year to date they are not busy as no-one has breached the Creative Barcode/Trust Charter terms.

That’s the intention – Creative barcode is preventative – and we hope we’ll write the same again next year.

We have achieved worldwide media coverage (without a PR firm) including three front page mentions on Forbes, one in the Telegraph and Sunday Times. Acres of coverage on creative and IP blogs such as dexigner and IPKat and loads of trade press coverage both in printed magazines such as WIPO, New Design Magazine, Curveline, IP Insights and Innovation Management;  and in online newsletters and blogs too numerous to mention -  in all over 3000 mentions.

Just a year in Creative Barcode has nearly 1000 community members including paid members, news subscribers, and Trust Charter signatories. Peer group recommendations are key so promote it to your peers and let's keep that growing.

We have launched in Latin America with two agents covering Hispanic speaking markets and Portuguese (Brazil).

And a secured a partnership with USA based social ideation platform AHHHA

Universities such as University of the Creative Arts, Brunel, University of Venezuela and University of Uruguay have joined along with 100's of individual creative people, design firms, innovators, writers, journalists, film-makers and IP organisations

Corporate firms such as McLaren, Psion and Unilever, amongst many others are receiving members’ barcoded files - and not one corporate brand, to our knowledge, has objected in anyway.

Far from it, corporate brand owners are re-assured that their IP interests are being looked after by you as much as you look after your own IP interests. And members supplying barcoded files are formerly and legally warranting the originality and ownership of their work.

So overall - everything is going really well. Members who joined us a year ago are renewing and continuing their support and use of barcodes. 

And it’s about to get even better. In September we will complement the use of barcodes on pre-commercialised concept work by introducing a new micro barcode. This will be for use on commercialised works displayed on members web sites, marketing materials and exhibitions. It will also promote the same 'permission-based' usage and upholding the value of creativity messages.

This move will help members use more barcodes to protect their commercialised work and give Creative Barcode more visibility in the market place - which is good for everyone

May I take this opportunity to thank all of our members, peers, supporters, colleagues and friends for making this first year so successful.

And if you are reading this and are not yet a Creative Barcode community member – please seriously consider becoming so and support us and your peers to deliver the value of creativity and permission based use message to industry and internet users worldwide.

Maxine Horn, CEO

September 16, 2011



Maxine Horn
Creative Barcode
UK; Brazil; Uruguay; USA

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