13 September 2011

Creative Barcode appoint two Creative Industries lawyers as exclusive agents in Latin American

Creative Barcode has appointed its first two exclusive territory agents covering Hispanic and Portuguese speaking markets of Latin America.

Creative Industries Lawyer Monyca Motta is appointed to represent Creative Barcode in Brazil and lawyer Maria Balsa is appointed to represent Creative Barcode in Hispanic markets including Uruguay, Venezuela, Panama, Chile and Mexico.

Maria Balsa         

 L to R Maria Balsa and Monyca Motta

Creative Barcode is the world’s first open-protection intellectual property system. It is rapidly changing how creativity is valued in the innovation process and & how creative individuals, academics and firms are engaged by industry worldwide.

 Says CEO, Maxine Horn “I am extremely pleased Maria and Monyca have joined our international team. Latin America has an ever growing reputation for innovation and creativity with some of the finest work emerging from those markets in recent years. The growth of the creativity industries within Latin America and their increasing trade in international markets has led to a swift up take of Creative Barcode being used to protect, respect and value creativity. It is rapidly becoming recognized as the international symbol of ethical trading between creative firms, academics and industry”.  

Within its first trading year Creative Barcode has achieved the recognition and support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), attracted the attention of the world’s media and built a community of over 1000 individuals and organizations from creative, academic, corporate and legal sectors.

Its Latin American membership is growing faster than nearly every other market second only to the UK and includes Universities of Uruguay & Venezuela who join UK Universities Brunel and the University for the Creative Arts in pioneering Creative Barcode amongst their students, staff and incubators. 

The legal profession has shown a keen interest in Creative Barcode recognizing it as a means for every individual up to the largest corporate organization to manage their IP vested in early-stage conceptual works prior to using traditional IP mechanisms.

Original source and lack of protection over professionally produced, knowledge-based innovation concepts has remained a bone of contention within creative industries for as long as anyone can remember.

In the UK alone, it is estimated that more than 70% of all creative individuals and firms do not utilize any form of IP protection. Primarily, this is due to the complexities and costs involved with traditional IP mechanisms and their inability to protect core, pre-commercialized ideas inherent in visually articulated works. As such traditional mechanisms are neither fit for purpose nor cost efficient for those whose working life is spent on idea generation.  

Yet the value of creativity in the innovation process is acknowledged as crucial to all nations.

Creative Barcode has developed a solution that brings simplicity and affordability to a complex problem. Its clever use of a QR code (2D digital barcode) generating Application enables members to denote concept ownership and warrant originality to co-creation partners and industry recipients.  Recipients agree to the Trust Charter accepting permission based usage terms only.  

It is fast and efficient and overcomes the costs, complexities and time delays involved in securing a non-disclosure agreement before a conversation can even begin.  

Say’s Maria Balsa, “I am delighted that Latin America is pioneering Creative Barcode in the University and Creative Industries sectors.

Now more than ever, it is essential that all nations unite and collaborate to ensure that (open) innovation reaches its full potential. That can only happen if early-stage conversations and negotiations can take place between Creators, academia and Industry in a safe and trusted environment. Creative Barcode enables that to happen and I look forward to ensuring Hispanic markets are fully involved”

All creative individuals and firms can now afford to take fast and efficient responsibility for their and their clients Intellectual Property without complex paperwork and normal costs and time involved. As such it introduces a ‘first-level’ action to protect pre-commercialized concepts & significantly reduces vulnerability during negotiations.

A new micro barcode for use on commercialized works has also been introduced. It will assist Creative individuals and firms, of all type and size, to protect completed works displayed on the web, in print & in exhibitions. 

The core messages are ‘upholding the value of creativity’ and ‘permission based usage only’.  



For further information

Maxine J Horn, CEO, Creative Barcode UK, Maria Balsa, Creative Barcode, Hispanic, Latin America

m.j.horn@creativebarcode.com ; m.balsa@creativebarcode.com


About Maria Balsa

María Balsa is a Uruguayan lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property (IP), with post degree studies at University de la República of Uruguay and at UC. Berkeley (California). She is a Consultant of IP at UNESCO; Advisor of IP at Ingenio Incubator (of Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay); Representative of Catholic University of Uruguay at the PILA network and at the National Network of IP. Maria has more than   15 years’ experience as an IP advisor to the Entertainment and Creative Industries in both national and international markets. Creative Barcode provides concept protection to creative industries in a simple, time and cost efficient manner.  As such, Maria believes it is an innovation tool that will enable individuals and businesses to share more ideas at an earlier stage and subsequently open up more opportunity to contribute to and foster innovation.

About Monyca Motta

Monyca Motta is a Brazilian lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property and holds a masters degree in Entertainment Law pursued in the UK under a British Council Chevening Scholarship. With a background in Corporate Law she has worked in Portugal, the UK and her home Country Brazil.  Brazil is widely recognized worldwide for its creativity. Monyca strongly believes Creative Barcode will help to boost the Brazilian creative economy and assist this Latin American giant to enhance its ever more valuable assets.   

About Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode is positively changing how knowledge, creativity & innovation is valued, exchanged and procured world-wide between creative industries, academics & brand owners

It aims to significantly reduce the vulnerabilities and innovation blocks caused by the misappropriation of commercial ideas.

No pre-contract proposal or visual concept should leave the building without its barcode

Annual membership is just £30/$47 (+VAT)*

Learn more: Creative Barcode® overview

Maxine Horn
Creative Barcode
UK; Brazil; Uruguay

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