28 April 2011

Creative Barcode congratulates ACID on launch of IP Tracker

Eight months after the launch of Creative Barcode which was welcomed by Anti-Copying in Design (ACID), ACID has announced the launch of its IP Tracker - a safe disclosure file transfer system which is one feature it shares as a common denominator with Creative Barcode.

Creative Barcode, CEO, Maxine Horn said “Whilst it was pure timing that Creative Barcode was the first digital open-protection and IP management system to launch in the UK, it is wholly reassuring that we are not alone in the quest to reduce the vulnerability felt by the creative industries when disclosing creative works, pre-contract to third parties. We therefore welcome ACID’s support and recognise the strength in message reinforcement that they bring with IP Tracker”.

The IP Management issue in creative industries extends across the world.  Just 7 months post launch Creative Barcode has members across West and Eastern Europe, America and Latin America.

Creative Barcode utilises new technology and a specifically designed software Application that enables users to create unique digitally encoded barcodes applied to proposals, concepts, video and film before utilising the file transfer system to deliver barcoded files to third parties, who agree to the terms of the Trust Charter before downloading.  Send; receipt; acceptance of Trust agreement and download date & IP address is all recorded and accessible to members.  

Both organisations uphold the same purpose which is to provide a safe, time and cost efficient mechanism that enables creative industries to take responsibility for IP management and reduce their vulnerability when exposing proposals and designs to third parties during the normal course of new business activity.

Dids Macdonald, ACID’s CEO said, “Most micro enterprises and SME’s cannot afford to go all the way to Court over infringement, so the most important element of IP protection is a deterrent and preventative strategy, particularly when sending sensitive information to a third party. Importantly, providing receipted evidence of sending reverses the burden of proof and makes it easier to take action.”

Creative Barcode, which is supported by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, describes itself as the first Open Protection model designed to manage IP inherent in traditional fees for services activities but also to specifically under-pin open innovation activities and digital rights management.  

The aim on an internationally basis, is to assist creative industries and University students to take responsibility for IP management. Creative Barcode aims to significantly reduce the estimated 70% of all creative industries firms who do not have an IP management process. Ideally that would be through an IP policy instigated where ‘no pre-contract proposal, concept or proposition ever leaves the building without its barcode”.

The success of that Creative Barcode mission and ACID’s IP Tracker will rely upon the importance creative individuals and firms place on taking responsibility for IP management now that these time and cost efficient mechanisms exist.

Creative Barcode charges just £30 per annum for membership which includes the software App license, 5 barcodes, a Community Directory and unlimited file transfer transactions. It is the most cost and time efficient open-protection and IP management mechanism available. Undoubtedly whilst most members will use it on a point of need basis, it none-the-less aims to go further by establishing a new trading model that is built on declared fair-trading, ethics and trust.

ACID’s IP Tracker is just £3.50 per transaction for members and £5.50 per transaction for non-members and can be utilised on a point of need basis. It is another simple and cost efficient model.

Editor’s notes

About Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode® is an ‘open-protection’ mechanism that enables creativity management and safe disclosure of creative solutions, proposals, concepts and digital imagery, worldwide.

Creative Barcode® members are business and creative professionals who utilise the software Application to generate a numerically unique digital barcode to be applied to their creative concepts and proposals before disclosing to any third parties.  For maximum protection barcoded files are sent through the file transfer facility which records date sent, sent by, received by, acceptance of Trust Charter agreement, date, time and IP destination of download. Creative Barcode® is underpinned by a mutually agreed Trust Charter Agreement. There is no complex paperwork.  Barcode it and Share it.

Our aim is that Members' creativity and IP management should start with the policy 'no proposal, visual concept or proposition should leave the building without its barcode'

Creative Barcode® upholds the value of members’ creativity, skill, knowledge, experience, time and money vested in written and visual proposals and materials. It equally respects and safeguards the IP position of the parties receiving and viewing members’ barcoded files.  

For further information:


Maxine Horn – m.j.horn@creativebarcode.com

See: www.creativebarcode.com/overview

Editors Notes

Intellectual property (IP) that is translated into tradable knowledge has a commercial value and needs to be protected. In the UK the majority are unregistered IP rights (copyright and unregistered design rights).  ACID IP Tracker does not add to those automatic rights but sending confidential IP based information to third parties via ACID IP TRACKER will provide (by automatically sending a copy to ACID) third party evidential proof of receipt in the same way as the ACID Design Data Bank (350,000 copies of designs held). Not only will the ACID IP TRACKER be another deterrent, raising awareness about the value of original work against copying but it will be a positive vehicle for safer creative collaboration to maximise return on original investment and to bring IP to market successfully and more safely www.acidtrading.eu.com/acid-ip-tracker

Contact details: Dids Macdonald 0845 644 3617 didsm@acid.uk.com or Jane Stephenson 0845 644 3617 Jane.Stephenson@acid.uk.com


Maxine Horn
Creative Barcode
United Kingdom

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