21 January 2019

Technology commercialisation strategist, Gareth Davies, joins Creative Barcode advisory board.

As Creative Barcode approaches its first decade in business it is time to build on its achievements, product and service offerings by strengthening the management team.

Gareth Davies joins our advisory board to help review strategy and shape the direction of business development to ensure continued leadership and relevance in the market.

“Creative Barcode has always been ahead of the innovation curve. This is not easy in this time of rapid change.  The requirements for creation, use and control of intellectual property is evolving at pace. New technology is enabling – and demanding – changes in behaviour from both creators and consumers of ideas”, says Maxine Horn, CEO.

The IP management technology from Creative Barcode addresses two distinct markets: Early stage innovations, business concepts and designs shared with third parties during commercialisation; and completed copyright works available to license from individual creators, cultural organisation, archives and libraries. The system not only reduces the probability of works becoming orphaned  but also it protects both user & creator from legal infringement claims.

Gareth Davies brings experience in shaping commercial offerings where technology and services combine to address focussed requirements. He delivers insight based on data-enabled market assessment. Combining insights with extensive expertise, he builds business value engaging with large corporations, management consultancies and financiers.




Editors Notes.


Launched in September 2010 Creative Barcode simplified early-stage Intellectual Property protection and disclosure. It places ethics, trust and etiquette at the heart of its operating principles. Endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Creative Barcode is a digital Intellectual Property Registration (IPR) system that enables Creators of innovation; design and copyright work to register, time stamp and attribute ownership data and usage terms. It is fast, easy and very cost-effective to use. The system automatically generates a Registration Certificate, IP Tag/URL and QR code confirming ownership, usage and licensing terms, as applicable to each concept, project, pitch or completed item of work.


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BIOGRAPHY: Gareth Davies


Gareth is an entrepreneur with an international portfolio career focussed on strategy formulation and articulation. He is the founder of the Bestem Network whose members - entrepreneurs, financiers, managers and consultants – combine to enable investment in mid-market and start-up companies and drive adoption of world-class innovation. His expertise includes a deep knowledge of strategy, IT, sales, and international business. He holds an MBA from London Business School, a BSc in Electronic & Information Engineering and has over 25 in the energy sector including roles with Schlumberger, Director Deloitte consulting and Partner The Highland Group. He has lived and worked in Eight Countries.

Linked in https://www.linkedin.com/in/gwdavies/

Twitter @ UpstreamGareth

Blog: www.bestemnetwork.com


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