31 July 2018

Creative Barcode launch semi-automated licensing system


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If no artist had signed their work, the means to accurately attribute artworks and develop an art economy would have been severely hampered. Arguably, in a digital economy the same problem affects all types of creative work displayed online without visible attribution to the Creator or owner.  And whilst photographers and their licensing agents have built an image economy, by comparison visual artists and designers have failed to do so. The primary reason is due to income being predominately fees for services, not licensing. However could secondary income be a missed opportunity?

Former Getty Sales Director Steve West, and a Board director of Creative Barcode believes 000’s of Creators are missing out on secondary income from commercial use of their visual work often due to their own lack of action towards simple owner identification and communication of usage terms.

Visual artists and designers rely on automatic copyright law. However, infringement can be difficult and time consuming to pursue particularly when Creators have done nothing to assist internet users to identify who owns the work and how to seek permission to use.

Arguably, visual works published online without any form of identifier whether a signature or ideally a Creative Barcode IP tag, contributes to infringement opportunity and thus, restriction of owners income.

From launch in 2010 Creative Barcode IP Tags / URL’s have been used to identify owners. The original process entailed creating the tag and manually applying it to its registered item of work using a photo editor.

Creative Barcodes latest incremental innovation automates application of accurate Creator attribution, protection of work and licensing terms. It makes everything even easier for Creators to manage. In todays time critical world, digital products designed to reduce human tasks are key to increased traction. People value their time and earning opportunity.

Maxine J Horn, CEO and founder of Creative Barcode says “a lot of our clients are entrepreneurs, brand owners, IP, social media and marketing personnel who are brilliant innovators and marketeers but are less skilled with creative tasks and photo editors and even more so, less familiar with licensing. It was therefore key to invest further in service design and software development to simplify the process and let the system undertake more admin to reduce user tasks”. 

The time-saving automation will benefit all types of users, without requiring technical or creative skills. Any user can register their work, upload their images or documents, complete creator and ownership data fields and in a couple of clicks, the IP Tag/URL is applied to the protected visual or written item and delivered directly to the user for immediate use. All items registered including design itterations, recieve a registration certificate with time stamp, IP tagged image and unique QR code.

Additionally registered proposals, pitches, business plans and so forth can be tagged and then confidentially shared via the CB file transfer system under acceptance of a trust charter before download can commence. Acceptance and download is recorded in data log files.

It is incredible value for money at just £125 plus VAT per annum for up to 120 items of work registered, protected, stored, time-stamped and auto tagged delivered with registration certificates, tagged images and unique barcode. Minimal account holder time, maximum benefits and value.

Contact team@creativebarcode for a limited time we are offering a try it out account for £45 plus vat.  Email us for a promo code.  Please have a genuine piece of work or business plan or concept to register.

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Launched in 2010 Creative Barcode is a trusted brand that has simplified and streamlined early-stage Intellectual Property protection and disclosure.  It places ethics, trust and etiquette at the heart of its operating principles.


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