05 September 2017

IPO UK announces Registered Design markings can be verified via web link (URL) from October 2017. Creative Barcode IP Tag URLS provide an ideal means to confirm and edit design registration data status at minimal cost or effort.

Following extensive consultation in 2016, IPO UK has removed the burden of cost and time involved for registered design owners of recalling product, changing packaging etc. when a Registered Design expires.

The existing IPO system permits a registered design owner to stamp the physical product and it’s packaging and marketing material ‘Registered Design’ and its number.

Registered Designs are renewed every 5 years or expire if not renewed.  An expired design registration can necessitate a recall of products still bearing the claim Registered Design in order to retain legal compliancy.

Design owners who choose not to stamp their product as registered reduce their chances of a successful infringement and financial settlement claim if infringers are able to rely upon ‘no reasonable grounds to establish a design was registered’.

Good news for Registered Design owners

UK IPO, as of October 1st, 2017, has amended the registered design guidelines to follow the USA system of allowing a distinct URL web marking to enable legal compliance to be maintained cost efficiently. The web URL must lead specifically to the Registered Design product and it’s status, not just a general business site.

This is excellent news for design owners and particularly for users of Creative Barcode (www.creativebarcode.com) where a CB IP Tag/ URL’s are unique to an owners ' product design, its ownership and IP status. Creative Barcode was designed for that purpose, way ahead of this legal change. 



 Design Rights .. http://c-b.me/3m0


Creative Barcode users can stamp their products and marketing collateral with their Registered Design status and number and their CB IP Tag URL. It will lead firms directly to their current design registration status, ownership details, licensing availability and so forth. Thus remove an infringer’s ability to claim ‘no reasonable grounds to establish that a design was registered’ and increase a design owner’s chance of a successful infringement claim. Registered Designs also appear in the IP Directory easily accessible to establish registration status.

Design Registration status editing in less than 2 minutes

If a design owners registration status changes, users simply login, edit their IP Tag design registration status. The IP Tag edit simultaneously updates every product in the supply and distribution chain, all images on the web and social media, packaging, product labels, marketing and advertising material that carry the products unique c-b.me/XYZ tag URL. Edits take less than two minutes and incur no cost.  

IPO Web markings Business Guidance here https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/636445/Business-Guidance.pdf

Creative Barcode annual membership is just £125 plus vat per annum and includes a batch of 120 IP Tags/URL’s (I tag per product buy more as needed). Registered designs appear in the IP Directory.


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