10 August 2017

Creative Barcode Re-launch Innovation Bank and partner with Renfrew Group International

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August 2017


Leading innovation firm Renfrew Group International forms strategic partnership with Innovation Bank and Intellectual Property innovator, Creative Barcode.




Renfrew Group International, established in 1982 is one of the UK’s leading innovation and product design development firms with an impeccable reputation and numerous awards for design and innovation.

With more than 30 years’ experience, a network comprising hundreds of firms that span the entire product development spectrum and the trust of their peer group, Renfrew Group International is perfectly positioned to build a trusted innovation community.




Innovation Bank (IB) was one of the first platforms to launch a collaborative innovation service well ahead of its time, in 2004. Its primary purpose remains entirely valid some 13 years later: to provide a focal point platform for people and organisations operating in core sectors of the innovation process. The platform provides members with brand & expertise promotion on the publically accessible side of the platform. There is also a member’s only private side for expertise, deal making and IP exchange, within a trust-based environment.


Creative Barcode (CB), launched in 2010 as the first digital IP registration and safe-disclosure platform – where its members and third parties they engage with, are co-signed to the Trust Charter. Creative Barcode IP Tag system and safe-disclosure mechanisms are endorsed by British Library and World intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) who intervene should any breach of terms arise. The system has never been breached.


Renfrew’s strategic partnership, management and hands-on resources bring much needed strength to the IB and CB brands, products and platforms.

The firms will pull together to raise awareness of members’ innovation expertise and creative IP and most importantly, to establish a much needed innovation community where every party participates on a level playing field.


Bruce Renfrew, CEO Renfrew Group International commented “we are 100% focused on providing individuals and businesses of all types and sizes, with a platform designed to enable them to promote their expertise, brands and innovation achievements. Members are treated on equal terms and self-select whom they wish to work or collaborate with, partner or buy services from. It’s as simple as that.”


The IB Innovation Directory is open to the public to view member case studies, news, their teams and achievements. The Innovation Bank’s non-public area provides a proposition evaluation feature for members to offer feedback to each other, judge propositions against their own strategic business fit and even buy, sell or license IP assets. Creative Barcode is the perfect accompaniment to this process.


Maxine Horn, CEO Creative Barcode adds “I am delighted to be joining forces with Renfrew Group International and working with experts in their team to strengthen our brands and build and support our community. I have known Bruce Renfrew for more than 20 years and respect his expertise and integrity. It’s a perfect marriage that will benefit all members on an equal basis.”


Renfrew Group International, Innovation Bank and Creative Barcode will manage and apply quality control procedures, improve features, add value to membership, and raise awareness of all members and their achievements with a dedicated social media, SEO and PR programme.

Any activity, including business agreements between members will be entirely between them without any intervention, unless any party operating under the terms of the Trust Charter breaches those terms, at which point World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) intervention – via their mediation service – is available to all members on a low-cost fixed fee basis.


Bruce Renfrew becomes a Director of Creative Barcode and joins its Board (August 2017)



Membership is open to every type and size of design or innovation-led firm and supporting service firms from legal, finance, design, brand, digital and technology.



Bruce Renfrew, CEO

Renfrew Group International

+ 44(0)116 253 1961




Maxine Horn, CEO

Creative Barcode

07803 297150




About Renfrew Group International

Renfrew Group International has more than thirty years innovation and product design expertise deployed to turn ideas into successful, market-defining products that are reassuringly simple, yet precisely engineered for efficient manufacture. RGi is an award winning, hands-on product design company that works with good ideas and great people to deliver products that sell successfully in their clients’ target markets. RGi works in partnership with their clients to achieve their objectives, resulting in compelling innovations, attractive, human-centred design propositions and value-added intellectual property.

CEO Bruce Renfrew was named Inventor of the year 2014, along side Professor Joan Taylor of De Montfort University for development of the artificial pancreas designed to end multiple insulin injections endured daily by Type 1 Diabetics. https://www.themanufacturer.com/articles/renfrew-wins-british-inventor-of-the-year-with-artificial-pancreas


About Innovation Bank

Innovation Bank is a safe-trading environment for those seeking innovation partners - whether an individual creator, inventor, start-up, University, SME or corporate firm.
It operates in partnership with Creative Barcode incorporating their world class concept authentication, protection & safe-disclosure system under-pinned by a Trust Charter and endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

The core purpose of Innovation Bank is to provide innovators, from all branches of the process, with a safe-trading platform to engage, collaborate, buy, sell or license concepts and IP on whatever terms best suit the transacting parties.

We do not interfere in the trading process nor take commissions or any other form of fee resulting from successful partnerships initiated by Innovation Bank.

All Innovation Bank account holders are required to accept and operate to the principles of the Creative Barcode Trust Charter


About Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode is a not for profit organisation created and managed by innovators, designers, engineers, IP, legal and accountancy professionals.

Some co-founded, developed and launched Creative Barcode, others joined en route. All work together to the benefit of Creators, Innovators & Entrepreneurs of all types, worldwide.

The CB Intellectual Property (IP) Tag and safe-disclosure system enables registration, time-stamp, protection and safe sharing of early-stage concepts during the vulnerable period between concept and completion. Creative Barcode precedes designs, trademarks or patent applications registered after completion with national, EU, Hague and international systems.

The system enables fast and easy, formal registration of previously unregistered designs and unregistered copyright. Unique IP Tags with embedded Meta Data ensure identification and attribution of the Creator and IP owner is maintained.

Creative Barcode has received worldwide recognition as a unique and innovative IP and safe disclosure system.

Launched in September 2010, Creative Barcode upholds the value of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in a digital age.

With users in more than 30 Countries its Trust Charter has never been breached. It is endorsed and supported by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the British Library, IP Centre, London

Creative Barcode is registered in the United Kingdom; Company Number: 7302510

Email: team@creativebarcode.com
Skype ID: Creative Barcode®
Telephone: +44 (0)1273 906067
Twitter: @creativebarcode
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creativebarcode

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