08 March 2014

Mellor & Scott re-brand Creative Barcode - the UK’s Intellectual Property Guardian, designed for the digital age.

Creative Barcode the company behind the development of the most innovative intellectual property system to have been created in more than 3 decades, has been re-branded and re-positioned by City of London agency Mellor & Scott

The overhaul includes IP Tag iconography, Web and Meta Data pages, re-engineering Applications, UX interfaces and a brand re-positioning to reflect Creative Barcodes status as an innovative, professional and energetic digital age business.

Matt Crowe CEO of ideation firm Ahhha, USA, comments I'm impressed with the re-branding and whilst already a huge Creative Barcode fan the re-positioning and new energy fills me full of confidence in the company, its brand and its products"

Selection of 86x86 Digital Makers-Marques, solid white on transparent background

Makers-marques are embedded into digital IP Tags with urls unique to each item of work and their owner. The urls lead to full Meta Data including Creator name and status, IP lawyer or licensing agent. Click on any IP Tag below


IP Tags are inserted into documents or images in high or low res, at a size and format to suit.

·         Black IP Tags are used by members to denote their company registration to Creative Barcode and their ethical IP Practice.

·         Blue Project IP Tags are used by members to register and protect concept works

·         Red Rights Reserved IP Tags are used by members to apply to completed works before sharing files. Meta Data includes licensing terms

·         Green Permitted Use IP Tags are applied to work that member s permit others to use without charge. Meta Data includes source credit.

Mary Davidson, Director, Partnership Worx “I have used Creative Barcode® for over 2 years. It is a low-cost, yet an invaluable and straightforward tool for all parties engaged in the creative process who are essentially creating and selling or buying Intellectual Property. In a world of open ideas the IP tags attribute kudos, value and ownership to those involved in the idea generation process, whether buyer or seller...or ideally collaborator!  Creative Barcode safeguards against the occasional temptation of those who ‘shoplift' ideas, disingenuously or deliberately, even in a formal ideas pitch”.

Intellectual Property has become complex and confusing and never more so than in a digital age. Search engines have in effect created a Wild West where the average internet user has low awareness of copyright and even lower knowledge of their responsibilities towards the owner of works returned in internet searches.  When property is divorced from the owners web site it is difficult for internet users, whether consumers or businesses to identify and locate the owner or verify IP & usage terms.

Creative Barcode has just made identification, due-diligence and doing the right thing so much easier for all concerned. Success ultimately rests on all parties playing their part which starts with the owner of works using the IP Tags to denote their ownership and make it fast and easy for others to abide by usage terms stated by the owner.

Further it has put a safe and ethical framework around the trust based sharing of ideas being businesses, individuals, co-creators, partners and friends.

Maxine Horn, Founder and CEO of Creative Barcode concludes “since launch in late 2010 our team have risen to the challenges & shifting sands of intellectual property, worldwide. It has been a tough journey but both alumni and current team have a lot to be proud of and I am proud of them. The next phase is critical as it relies upon those we created this non-complex, fast, easy and cost efficient IP system for to grab it with both hands and play their part in helping both consumer and business users to respect creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship”.


Editors Notes

About Creative Barcode

Not for Profit, Creative Barcode launched in September 2010 as a digital age, non-complex Intellectual Property system. Today it has more than 1000 members across 30 Countries; it is endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and supported by British Library IP Centre. It has never been breached.

It is fast and easy to create & use IP Tags which are applied to concept and completed works and travel with the works with a unique embedded url leading directly to Meta Data which confirms owner, IP status, terms of use and contact details.

See current and alumni team and biogs http://www.creativebarcode.com/team.html

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