IP Innovation Fund (IPIF) was launched in 2013 by Creative Barcode and founding partner firms Innovation Bank, Blue Pencil, IP Quest, Guernsey Register, Highbury Ltd, Silverman Sherliker, Sandersons & Co, Lewis Silken, Jeffrey Green Russell, British Library, Walker Morris, Moores Law and Nabarro.

The collective mission of the IPIF is to develop & undertake activities and initiatives designed to enable individuals and businesses to enter the IP system a lot earlier, easier and more positively than many are currently able to do.

The IPIF members meet formerly once a quarter normally hosted by the British Library IP Centre and in between times we work in small teams on specific projects. These include development of IP templates and IP communication materials; workshops; advisory activities; online digital IP tags and development of other IP tools that are non-complex, easy to use and very affordable for individuals up to the largest business.

In 2014 the IPIF moved from donations to a fixed membership fee structure of:

  • £175 plus vat per annum (turnover less than £1 million per annum)
  • £350 plus vat (turnover less than £5 million per annum)
  • £500 plus vat (turnover greater than £5 million per annum)

The IPIF membership fee also includes a Creative Barcode, CB-Innovation membership worth £125 per annum and an Innovation Bank company account worth £195 per annum. All IPIF events are free to members.

Download Application Form here, complete and email to team@creativebarcode.com

download ip innovation fund document
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