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1.1 Title of Work:DirectorShield Website Brand Development
1.2 Creator/s:Paul Mellor, James Smith
1.3 Creative Barcode User ID:CBID-2BSJ-K12B-7CW0-000B
1.4 Creation Date:27 Nov 2012
1.5 Registration No:CBPR-1W1Q-TKJ9-N280-000B
1.6 Registered with:Creative Barcode
1.7 Design Reg No:none
1.8 Company:Mellor&Smith
1.9 Address:Print Rooms, Studio 401, 164-180 Union Street, London, SE1 0LH
1.10 Country:United Kingdom
1.11 Year Est / DOB:2010
1.12 Company Reg No:06798614
1.13 CB Expiry:01 Mar 2018
1.14 Website:
1.16 Creator/Source Credit:Mellor&Scott Design, studio team all rights reserved 2011
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Client, Partner or Third PartyLegal Advisor
Matt Cooper
Director Shield
Brettenham House
Lancaster Place

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