All type of academic and cultural Institutions can significantly benefit from becoming a Creative Barcode member and affiliate partner.

Academic institutions

Universities collaborate with each other and with industry every day through research initiatives, commercial deals and knowledge transfer. Creative Barcode IP Tags enable all participants’ IP acknowledgements to be listed in the Meta Data when information is shared and research papers are disseminated and published.


Creative Barcode is a great way for students to enter the IP system positively, much earlier than the traditional IP system allows.  Students create their own makers-marque (identifier) incorporate them into their digital IP Tags and apply them to their work. It ensures they are always correctly attributed to their work and can determine their own usage terms and where applicable, remuneration.

Archives, Museums and Libraries

Many organisations are faced with the daunting task of digitising collections of work and attributing the IP source or labelling a work as orphan (creator unknown).  Creative Barcode IP Tags make it easier to identify the digitised item; communicate permitted-use or rights reserved; collect license fees for known or orphan works; add source credits and ensure past and future work does not get separated from its Meta Data.

Arts Organisations

Creative Barcode IP Tags enable arts organisations and production companies to correctly credit and attribute their artists, actors, musicians, designers and performers.  Organisations can create an IP Tag with QR code and apply to printed material such as posters, leaflets and tickets. When scanned the QR code reveals title of production, main director or Creator and a roll of credits of all participants. A Rights Reserved URL can be embedded into production images when displayed online and link to the same Meta Data to ensure all acknowledgements are present and correct.

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