We've tried to be as comprehensive as possible with our FAQs however if your question is not answered below, please email us at team@creativebarcode.com and we will answer your question as soon as possible between the hours of 10am and 5pm (UK), Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

  1. What type of work can I register with Creative Barcode?

    1.       You can register any type of innovation concept, new business model or completed work such as illustrations, artworks, photographs, digital content; film; music; video; graphics; 2D & 3D designs; logo’s, names & brand ID’s; games, Apps or written articles; books (including ebooks); poetry, lyrics, films scripts, screen plays and so forth

    Pre-digital age Creative industries had relied upon automatic unregistered copyright and unregistered design rights and the legal courtesy of publishers to credit the source {Creator} of professional creative work they licensed or commissioned and [printed] published. However, today it is fast and easy to discover Creative work but often really hard and time-consuming to find the owner, seek permission to use, attribute the work and obtain a license and make payment, as applicable.

    Those who use the work without gaining permission or a license run the risk of copyright infringement and a significant fine. 

    Registering your work with Creative Barcode, adding your data [into an easy legal template] clicking 'create barcode and IP tag' instructs the system to create your items unique ID and URL for example http://c-b.me/456 . The system inserts this into the base of the image you uploaded [actual item of work or representational image of a project] and emails you the IP Protected item, its Barcode and its registration certificate. You use that tagged image to promote your work whether on your own web site, on social media platform or when licensed to a third party for a license fee. It ensures that the unobtrusive IP Protected tag allows its viewers to easily identify you as the owner, your usage terms and contact you for permission to use, license and payment, as applicable.

    Internet users can simply click on the IP Rights link and instantly reach your Meta Data to verify Creator/Owner name, contact details, usage permissions whether free or paid; source credits and any payment details, as applicable.

    2.       Uniquely, you can also register, protect and IP Tag detailed and strategic business plans, concepts & propositions, technical specifications, recipes, radio, TV and film formats and so forth and use the IP-safe disclosure file transfer system to send files to third parties.

    Entrepreneurs, Creators and myriad of businesses often just want a trust based, safe-conversation with a third party or seek quotations from suppliers in place of a non-disclosure agreement or in parrellel to it. The Creative Barcode IP tag and safe-disclosure file transfer system secures a friendly trust agreement. The recipient party is simply committing to permission based usage only. Creative Barcode is your trusted third party witness to that agreement.


  2. Can use of Creative Barcode replace a Non-Disclosure Agreement/Confidentiality Agreement?


    Non-Disclosure agreements written, edited and approved by both parties lawyers', will be legally robust. However, if you just need an initial safe conversation at early stage with Creative Barcode as third party witness by your side, it is more time and cost efficient to register and IP Tag your concept. Then use the Creative Barcode file transfer system and trust charter acceptance to safely disclose to third parties.

    Often large companies are not permitted to enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements without engaging their legal counsel. This can delay the opening conversation for weeks, even months. An NDA will generally be weighted in the favour of the larger party. If you are an individual or SME its unlikely to be you.

    Creative Barcode® IP Tags, file transfer and Trust Charter Agreement is a legally robust alternative and safeguards you throughout early stage discussions and throughout concept itterations. When serious deal negotiation commences that's the time to engage lawyers to produce substantive multi-party NDA's or draft contracts.

    NDA's and all concept documents and visuals disclosed should contain your Barcode/IP Tag unique to the disclosed work inorder to remain visible to all parties and project new comers throughout the development journey.

    The Blue Project / Concept IP Tag enables new itterations to be added as the project/concept progresses and thereby time stamps each stage and registers each stage with its own unique tag/url and certificate.

    It therefore charts your innovation journey and supports the final IP Valuation process. Further should an infringement occur registration, time stamps and third party witness provides an evidence base. Thus making it easier to pin point the specific items and itterations infringed and the time and cost advantage gained by an infringing party at your expense.


  3. How is Creative Barcode different from Patents, Registered and Unregistered Designs and Copyright?

    Creative Barcode precedes and is complementary to patents, registered designs and unregistered copyright. It is the pre-eminent system of early stage IP Registration in the UK and is supported by WIPO (world intellectual property organnisation) mediation service.  http://www.creativebarcode.com/wipo.html

    Creative Barcode registration and IP Tags are the first, positive entry point into the IP system when concepts are most vulnerable. It fills the gap created by the lack of Intellectual Property (IP) protection over concepts and ideas, particularly at early stage. IP Tags applied to itterations chart the innovation journey through to completion before you apply for a formal patent, registered design or trademark. 

    Currently, idea generators who produce strategic, knowledge and know-how based ideas, articulated in detail, whether in written or visual form, lack protection which can leave them vulnerable when needing a safe and trusted conversation with a third party.

    Only China and the USA have national Registered Copyright systems. The rest of world and its Creators rely on automatic and unregistered copyright and many 1000's of designers rely on unregistered design rights - both of which are difficult and expensive to enforce if breached and ever more so in the digital age.

    Worldwide Creative Barcode is fast becoming the pre-eminent registration, IP tagging and safe-disclosure system which uniquely uses QR code based technology.

    Further, the Creative Barcode file transfer service enables download of concept files only after acceptance of the trust charter. This forms a quick, easy and yet binding 'permission only' usage agreement.  IP Tags are visible throughout all disclosures. It is fast and easy to create and apply IP Tags and is faster and easier than than a substantive Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA/CDA).

    IP Tags can also be applied to completed works displayed online or in print. This strengthens unregistered copyright and unregistered design rights as the IP Tags confirm you are the owner/Creator, your IP status and usage terms. Importantly, IP Tags remain attached to the visuals when returned by image search engines and hence avoid the risk of becoming labelled an 'orphan work' (creator unknown).

    Should your contact details or ownership of the work/IP change you are able to update your IP Tag to simultaneously update every online or printed item the IP tag is applied to. Very clever. Very fast. No additional cost

  4. I've forgotten my password

    Please email team@creativebarcode.com and we will email the password to the Master Account Holder. Please note this is not automated due to the confidential nature of your protected work. Or call us 01273 906067

  5. How do I register an item of work and create an IP tag?

    Your Black IP Tag is created by the system at point of sign-up and automatically emailed to you along with your Membership Certificate. It can be applied to your company credentials, inserted into tenders and other compliance paperwork, added to your web site and ideally inserted into your email signature. When you edit your Tag, such as if you move address, one edit will simultaneously update everything your tag has been applied to.

    Your Company IP Tag denotes your responsibility and ethics towards Intellectual Property and contains a CB generic IP Statement or you can edit to create your own statement.

    Blue IP Tags are used for projects. Each tag for each new project should be created ideally at the start of the project to gain the earliest time-stamp. Each project tag generates a registration number and unique IP Tag/url and Registration Certificate which is emailed to you. Blue IP Tags are applied to files and documents that relate specifically to the project. You can register and upload additional items to the project container such as design itterations to record the development journey. This assists with creating an evidence base and a basis for an IP Valuation to support licensing or sales negotiations. Blue IP Tags are predominently used on pre-commercialised' design & innovation concepts / proposals/ pitches / tenders / business plans / written propositions / specifications

    You should not apply the same blue IP Tag with its unique number to items or files that are not related to the project.  Each item added to the project container gains its own url and time stamp at the point of its registered. The Project IP Tags assist you to track and value your innovation journey. Each item registered to your project uses 1 credit. With a CB Innovation Account you have 120 credits. You can purchase more credits as needed.

    Red Rights Reserved IP Tags are used to register and insert the Copyright Meta data for each 'single item' of completed works, such as an image, illustration, article, research paper and other items that are in print or displayed online. Each Red IP Tag contains a unique url and Meta Data that is specific to the item it is applied to. Red IP Tags use 1 credit. An image / visual should always be uploaded to a red tag template and the Meta data such as name of work, name of Creator, usage terms etc completed accurately. The system then creates your tag, appends it to the base of your image and sends it to you by email along with your registration certificate and QR codes.

    Green Collection IP Tags are for a series or collection where you wish to keep items together and easily accessible. For example, a series of illustrations, a Furniture design range, a photo shoot. It is a time saver as it enables swift registration of a collection of images avoiding repetition when almost identical Meta data applies. Users can still edit specific data fields as applicable. Each item in the collection container uses 1 credit. All data fields can be edited for up to 14 days beyond which the title of work, Creation date and image is locked down. Other fields such as usage terms can be edited at anytime. 

  6. How much does Creative Barcode Membership cost?

    There are three options to choose from.

    1. A free option which is not membership but is a free subscription to news and social media communications @creativebarcode ; www.facebook.com/creativebarcode

    The free news subscription does not enable you to create IP Tags or claim to be a Creative Barcode Member

    2. CB-Community is the first level of membership at £45 plus vat per annum. It enables you to create a Company IP Tag (black) and denote your support of ethical  and responsible IP practices. You are listed as a member in the IP Directory and appear on the Trust Charter. You can upgrade to full membership status at any time you choose to via your account admin area. A membership certificate is issued for use in Company Credentials and in IP compliance documentation.

    3. CB-Innovation is full membership status at £125 plus vat per annum. Full membership enables you to register copyright works, innovation & design concepts and proposals, new business mdels, tech specs, words, audio, visual, code etc. Registered items can be displayed in the IP Directory if you wish to. You have full use of the transfer of IP ownership service, the file transfer service, 5GB of storage, 120 IP Tag credits and 30% discount on IP documents.

    Each item registered uses 120 credits. Additional credits can be purchased as needed.

    Additional storage can be purchase on an as needed basis

    You can upgrade, downgrade, renew or cancel your account at anytime through your own admin area. No difficult procedures to go through, the control is in your hands.

    Payment is by credit card only unless you are purchasing multiple accounts, such as a Univeristy issuing accounts to design students or researchers. Student discounts apply at 50% to the CB Innovation account only. Email team at creativebarcode.com

    Also see http://www.creativebarcode.com/join.html

  7. What file formats does Creative Barcode support?

    Logos should be PNG's or Jpegs (not ai. or eps)

    The file transfer service supports all file types and extensions.

    The system supports the sending of multiple files. And multiple email addresses can be added seperated by a comma. However, please do not use the system for email marketing or anything other than its intended purpose of an IP safe file transfer. Abuse will result in account suspension

    When sending files through the file transfer system please ensure they all have their IP Tags on them. If you don't create and apply your IP Tags to files sent through the transfer service you will be at odds with the very reason you chose to become a Creative Barcode member.

    A little patience is required when uploading an image to a project or uploading files to the file transfer service.

    Dependent on the speed of your own internet connection uploads can take 20 seconds or so before a message appears confirming successful upload. A few seconds later the file name appears in the file list. If you consistently hit the upload or go button you'll just cause errors to occur or crash your system and have to start again.

    If the file does not upload a message stating 'upload failed' will appear. In some instances failed uploads are caused by file names that contain special characters or are far too long. Keep file names short and plain. Occasionally file type or size causes problems such as time-outs particularly if your internet connection is weak or your line drops mid-way through the upload. If you are nearing your 5GB storage limit you may need to review and delete redundant files and projects to free up space or buy more storage via the Admin area. Rarely is it a problem with our server as you wouldn't have access to the site at all if our server was down.



  8. Are IP Tags unique to my work/designs/concepts?

    Yes. Using the Creative Barcode IP Tag generator you create IP Tags unique to you and with unique urls leading to the Meta Data* unique to the concept or content you attach them to. Its quick and easy and you do not need to be an Intellectual Property expert, as all the hard work has been done for you by those that are. You just complete fields such as title of work and name of Creator.

    *Meta Data is information specific to the item such as Creator name, concept title, contact details, usage permissions etc.

    An IP Tag/ identifies the legal owner of a piece of work whether a concept, business proposal or a completed item of creative work or product,  process; image; video; film; article; book; illustration, training and marketing materials and so forth.

    World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) state it is illegal to remove an IP Tag/identifier.

    Your visible IP Tag and Meta Data panel with url connecting to the owner and their IP status and contact details leaves the recipient in no doubt of their permission based usage obligations.

    When you use our file transfer facility to send your Barcoded/IP Tagged concepts/business propositions/proposals/specification etc to third parties they accept the terms of the Trust Charter before the download of your files commence. This forms a legally binding agreement. You have access to your sent, received and download data at all times. 

    As the owner of a barcoded/ IP Tagged file you warrant to the recipient that the work is original, owned by you and yours to disclose. The recipient warrants to you that they will not use any material, including the core idea, without your permission.

    The Creative Barcode Trust Charter terms have never been breached.

  9. Are ideas and concepts protected by unregistered copyright?

    No they are not. 

    Under traditional IP law ideas and early-stage concepts alone are not automatically protected by unregistered copyright. It is the expression of an idea that can be protected and which can be formally registered with Creative Barcode.

    Creators can be caught off-guard when they find their concepts used without permission or remuneration.  

    The Creative Barcode formal IP Registration, IP Tags and its safe-disclosure via file transfer and Trust Charter acceptance provides robust protection over disclosed concepts, even at early-stage, and a legally binding agreement between the Creator and third parties. The terms are clear and simple.

    As the owner of a barcoded/ IP Tagged file you warrant to the recipient that the work is original, owned by you and yours to disclose. The recipient warrants to you that they will not use any material, including the core idea, without your permission.

    The Creative Barcode Trust Charter terms have never been breached.


    Only USA (USPTO) and China have a national copyright registration system. In the UK Creative Barcode is the leading, formal Copyright Registration system and extends Worldwide without additional Country by Country charges.

    Additionally Creative Barcode and its members are supported by World Intellectual Property organisation who would step in with an intervention letter should a breach arise followed by a mediation service. see http://www.creativebarcode.com/wipo.html



  10. Does my client own my IP once I have been paid for the project?

    Not formally.

    Agencies that operate on fees for services projects often believe that their terms and conditions of business cover IP issues sufficiently. Sometimes they do but often they do not.

    Terms and Conditions of business that state copyright / IP is transferred to the commissioning company on receipt of payment are incorrect or insufficient unless a formal transfer of ownership takes place with inclusions and exclusions specifically listed. IP disputes have arisen between agency, sub-contractors and clients due to general or naive transfer of copyright statements. 

    For example, Graphics firms cannot transfer IP vested initems they do not own. Photographs, illustrations, fonts, typefaces, copy, often provided under license from other IP owners, cannot be transferred to your client unless you own the rights outright.

    IP must be formally transferred. The CB transfer of ownership feature enables you to do this quickly and easily. You complete the template listing inclusions and exclusions concerned with the transfer. This generates a formal Transfer of Ownership Certificate and updates the ownership details in the IP Tag

    Clients in receipt of a Transfer of Ownership Certificate also gain a bottom line tangible value to the IP you have generated for their business. In the UK, this might also be subject to R & D tax credits and deliver even more value to your client.   

    Using Creative Barcode to demonstrate the IP value you create for your clients will be welcomed by them and elevate your company above supplier status.

  11. If I disclose my idea under Creative Barcode will I affect my ability to secure a patent?

    No, but it is a tricky area. However, under the Trust Charter agreement, none of your disclosures can be utilised without your permission. Public domain cannot be stretched to include one to one meetings held under the terms of the Creative Barcode Trust Charter agreement.

    You should however take care not to disclose fully-detailed knowledge, know-how, specifications or trade secrets that could affect a patent application.

    This does not preclude normal due-diligence such as prior art search, patent searches and so forth from being undertaken by any company seeking to negotiate with you, but it does preclude the company from instigating a new business, product, service, feature or enhancement or extension to their own business off of the back of your registered and IP Tagged/barcoded concepts and business proposals. Files disclosed through our file transfer service cannot be downloaded without acceptance of the Trust Charter and therefore cannot be used in any manner without your permission.

    At times inventors may have to accept that their invention is not as unique as they thought it was and instead seek to co-create, collaborate or sell features and IP to others to commercialise.

    You might not recoup what you perceive to be the value of your time, experience and life’s work but you may benefit from a royalty instead which a lawyer or agent might be better placed to negotiate for you.

    Your barcoded concepts and documentation can under-pin the value of your innovation journey supporting deal negotiation. And a % of global sales can reap dividends over owning a much larger percentage and funding the business yourself and building a client / customer base from scratch.


  12. What technical and creative skills do I need to utilise Creative Barcode?

    If you can use a computer and have internet access you can use Creative Barcode

    A very low level of technical ability is required as the system has been designed to be user friendly and to hide the complex technology that drives the service like any good service design should do.

    Functions and features are intuitive. Only a little patience is required when uploading an image to a project or uploading files to the file transfer service. Dependent on the speed of your own internet connection uploads can take 20 seconds or so before a message appears confirming successful upload and a few seconds later the file name appears in the file list. If the file does not upload a message stating upload failed will appear. In some instances it could be file type or size that's causing the problem or your internet connection. Rarely would it be our server as you wouldn't have access to the site at all if our server was down.

    Special features enable you to select the size of IP Tag and format to best suit how you intend to use it. For example Print size including QR code for use on documents or print production items or exhibition panels, digital format for use online and in film and videos, skinny barcodes for use on thumbnail images posted online and on other occasions when small and discreet suits best.

    When you upload the image of the item you are registering (or a representational image such as a video still) and use the template field to add title of work, name of creator etc, the system created the IP Tag for you and inserts it as an IP Protectd URL at the base of the image. Ths is emailed to you along with your registration certificate and QR code. If preferred Designers can use photo shop or any other image editing software to re-size their IP Tags and insert into image files, PDF's etc. Just ensure your IP Rights url is legible.

    Any other assistance required email technical at creativebarcode com

  13. What file formats can I use in Creative Barcode?

    PDF, all Microsoft Office documents, PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, EPS. If you can apply your Barcode to a file and your client can open that file all formats can be supported. It is always prudent to compress and web optimise all files for speed and storage purposes as well as multiple delivery options including email.

  14. How do I insert an IP Tag into an image or document

    If you are not a designer or do not have image editing software you can use the Creative Barcode Image Editor. This can be reached at the end of the create an IP Tag process and is also accessible via View/Edit existing IP tags > View IP Tags by clicking on the Image Editor button beneath the IP Tags. 

    Don't worry if you do not have high technical capability as the image editor is extremely easy to use.


    1. Click on Image Editor

    2. Click on 'upload image'

    3. Locate your image (from where ever you saved it on your own PC/MAC)

    4. Double Click on the image and it will appear in the image editor main square (this might take 20 seconds or so dependent on image size)

    5. Using the IP Tags that belong to the image (the Tags are in view above the Image Editor) double-click on the size and format of IP Tag you wish to insert and in a few seconds it will jump into the image. If you wish to change to a different IP Tag simply double-click on the new one and it will replace the original one you chose.  

    6. Re-size and re-position your IP Tag to suit by simply using your cursor/mouse. Ensure the IP Tag and particularly the IP Rights>>http://c-b.me/ url is legible

    7. When happy with the size and position of the IP Tag simple click the Create Image button sitting beneath the IP Tagged Image and save to your PC/MAC with a short, obvious and simple file name. 

    If preferred Designers can use photo-shop or any other image editing software of choice to re-size their IP Tags to suit the file application. Just ensure your IP Rights url is legible.


    Inserting an IP Tag into a document is exactly the same process as you use to save and insert (copy and paste) any image into a word document or PDF.

    1. When you have created your IP Tag, right click on the size and format to suit your need (print, digital, skinny) and save it either to your pictures (or other) folder or to clipboard

    2. Copy and paste it into your document, re-position and size to suit.

    3. To insert into an existing PDF you may need to send the IP Tag to your designer if you do not have Adobe software


    Your IP Tags are graphics and therefore the urls in graphic format or as images within an image are not live links. However, when using IP Tags online or in documents (word and PDF) it is fast and easy to click on 'insert' hyperlink and enter your IP Tag unique http://c-b.me/ url into the image and re-save.

    This makes it even easier and faster for viewers to click on the IP Tag and immediately reach your Meta Data (contact details, usage terms, license fee, ownership status etc)





  15. Can Creative Barcode be used as an IP risk management tool for brand owners?

    Yes. Creative Barcode is a risk management tool for brand owners and their procurement, due-diligence & legal departments. Creative Barcode will enable brand owners to document the exact timing and content of work received from outside sources quickly and easily. Creative Barcode enables Corporations to document and register their in-house generated ideas pre-patent;design registration and trademark as well as strengthen unregistered copyright with swift and easy formal registration.

    Client companies can request a transfer of IP ownership from creative suppliers on completion and payment of work.

    A 'transfer of ownership' facility is built into the Creative Barcode process and enables fast, easy and formal transfer of ownership generating a certificate for the new owner stating inclusions and exclusions. As such the soft IP generation can be recognised in formal accounts and where applicble, in tax deductions and reclaims*.

    *Varies by Country 

    Importantly the certificate shows inclusions of transfer and exclusions. For example in a graphics project that contains photographs, illustrations, typefaces, copywriting that is the copyright of others or has been used under license, can be entered as exclusions with contact details of the IP owners.

    Likewise web design projects often include web engineering code and plug-ins that need to be listed as exclusions, where applicable

    The final Transfer of Ownership Certificate is issued to the company purchasing the IP.  It therefore provides tangible value to their business and in some instances may also be a tax deductible item, or earn R & D tax credits.


  16. What formats can IP Tags be saved in?

    IP Tags can be saved as JPG or PNG files.

  17. Can I purchase additional file storage space?


    When logged in your account page displays your available storage remaining from your 5GB allocation. If you are nearing your usagae limit you can either review and delete redundant stored files or entire projects to free up space or purchase additional storage via the admin tab, as needed. Fast, easy, low cost

  18. Is Creative Barcode PC and MAC compatible?

    Yes. The Creative Barcode® entire process, services and features are compatible with both MAC and PC as well as all browsers.

  19. What is a Source Credit?

    A source credit (sometimes called a Creators Credit) is a brief text that you wouldlike to accompany your work when it is published / used by another person, business or publication.

    For example, Water Lillies illustration by artist Juliette Montague

  20. How do I send multiple files through the file transfer?

    You can simply upload multiple files one by one which will show as a list. Then check the box against those you wish to send, complete your message to recipient/s and send.

    Please be patient when uploading files as dependent on the speed of your own internet connection uploads can take 20 seconds or so before a message appears confirming upload is successful and a few seconds later the file name appears in the file list. If the file does not upload a message stating upload failed will appear. In some instances it could be a file name containing special characters or that is far too long that can cause problems. Keep file names short and simple. Occasionally the file type or size might cause a time-out problem if your internet connection drops mid-task or is a weak connection. Rarely would it be our server as you wouldn't have access to the site at all if our server was down.

    You can send files to more than one recipient by separating email addresses with a comma. If you wish to send project files to another company the files you uploaded previously will automatically load when you next login and select the project and file transfer.

    If you are sending quite a number of files it may be prudent to put all files into a folder and upload and send them in a compressed and zipped file/folder. This will make it faster to upload and download.

    How To Zip a file or folder

    1. Select the file or folder you want to compress
    2. Right click and choose Send To
    3. Slide Right and choose Compressed (zipped) folder
    4. Allow the file or folder to compress
    5. You should now see an icon with the same name plus a .zip extension. It may have a zipper on the folder.
    6. Rename the file if you'd like
    7. This is the compressed file that you may put on the server or send via email

    How To Unzip a file or folder

    If you receive a Zip file, you need to unzip the file to use it.

    1. Right-click on the Zip file and choose Extract All
    2. Choose a location for the folder to be extracted into
    3. If you checked "Show extracted files when complete", the files or folders within the Zip folder appear. If you unchecked the box, a folder or file with the same name (without the Zip) should appear.
    4. This folder will be your working copy of the data from the Zip file.
    5. You may keep the Zip file or delete it.


  21. Will Creative Barcode be recognised by clients commissioning work?


    Creative Barcode communicates to brand owners that your firm takes professional responsibility for Intellectual Property. A transfer of ownership facility forms part of the Creative Barcode system. This enables you to create a formal Transfer of Ownership certificate for your client.

    No brand owner has ever refused to accept barcoded/IP Tagged files. Conversely acceptance of barcoded/tagged files warrants to the brand owner that the work you submit is original, owned by you and is yours to disclose and they warrant to you not to use your work without your permission. Thus confirming trust and ethical trading between both parties. 


  22. Can more than one employee use our account?

    Yes. With one generic password for the company, all staff can download the Creative Barcode®application and create new barcodes per project. You simply log in and download the application, save it to each users desktop so that it is always visible and accessible to all. Thereafter clicking on your Creative Barcode® desktop icon takes you straight to the log-in area to generate barcodes and apply them to your files and proposals.

    It is sensible to only have one company account in order that all projects and their barcodes can be viewed and accessible to all, as needed.

  23. Will Creative Barcode eradicate free pitching?

    Only designers can eradicate free pitching by refusing to supply creative concepts pre-appointment.

    However use of Creative Barcode would significantly reduce free pitching. Generating your IP Tags and applying to any response to brief proposals (with or without visual support) states that your concepts may not be utilised for commercial purpose without your consent. Therefore, firms scouting for free ideas won't be able to use them without your consent and where appropriat, payment.


  24. Should I use Creative Barcode on work for existing clients?

    Ideally yes. Creative Barcode demonstrates your firms' responsibility towards your and your clients IP.

    No client company has ever refused to accept barcoded files, conversely they respect Intellectual Property and clarity of ownership.

    The system includes a 'transfer of ownership' facility that enables you to quickly and easily create a Transfer of Ownership Certificate for your client on completion of work and payment. Importantly the transfer template enables inclusions and exclusions to be listed where IP on items such as licensed photographs, fonts, music etc belong to another party and fall outside of the transfer.

    Issuing the certficate keeps IP ownership clear but also adds value to your business relationships. Recipients recieve tangible confirmation of their investment which on some cases may be tax deductables or eligible for R & D tax credits

    Buyers lower their risks when accepting IP Tagged /barcoded files as agencies warrant to their clients that the work has been produced by them, is original, the IP is owned by them and theirs to disclose, sell, transfer.

  25. Will Creative Barcode work in Co-Creation agreements?

    Yes. Creative Barcode is ideal for Co-Creation projects.

    Either aspecific project account is set-up by the lead party and co-creation partners are recognised in the parties with an IP interest and their specific interest,e.g sound track.

    Co-creation partners can each set-up their own Creative Barcode accounts and IP tag their contributions to ensure they are distinctly identified as the owner of a specific and tangible piece of work. The file transfer system allows for upload and sending of multiple barcoded files. These can include files with more than one barcode that identifies the owners or co-owners of a piece of work.

    It also enables each party to value their contribution to the final product / services / research outcomes and supports investment, funding and loan agreements.


  26. Will Creative Barcode replace patent applications?

    No. However, a patent application does not guarantee commercial viability of an invention; new product or technology. And patents can be circumvented.

    You may wish to gain critical feedback to your concept from business mentors, intermediaries, investors and colleagues before you decide to apply for a patent

    Your unique barcode/IP Tag with ownership details embedded coupled with or without a patent applied or granted provides a system for tracking third party receipt of files and their agreement to permission-based usage.

    Sending barcoded/IP Tagged files through the file transfer system where the Trust Charter terms are accepted before file download can commence adds a layer of security to disclosure.

    Inventors are warranting to the recipient that the disclosed files contain their own work and the recipient warrants not to utilise any of the disclosed works without the Creators permission.

    The project barcode/IP Tag appears on every item disclosed. It links together the innovation journey and also remains visible throughout all third party disclosures and itterations.

    The IP Tag acts as a time stamp so the sooner you create one the better as it recognises the early stage works right through to the completed designs and prototypes and charts the stages and duration of the development journey, which may become important when valuing your invemtion for sale or enforcing any infringement.




  27. Can I use Creative Barcode registration status on my corporate material and web site?

    Yes. Registered members of Creative Barcode are encouraged to display their registered status on all corporate & credentials materials and proposal documents, in all marketing collateral including brochures, web sites and on all correspondence material such as email signatures, letterheads and business cards.

    Creative Barcode® Registered User

    New company IP Tags launching in late February 2014 will replace the registered user marque.

  28. If my work is already in the public domain, can Creative BarcodeĀ® protect it?

    Copyright and patent protected work in the public domain is protected.Use Rights Reserved Barcodes on completed works displayed online

    Concept works displayed in the public domain are at risk. Use the safe-disclosure barcodes and file transfer service to safely-disclose concepts to third parties.

    Applying Creative Barcode® Rights Reserved codes to commercialised work displayed online for marketing purposes will reinforce ownership of the imagery and communicate that any material contained on your web site may not be utilised commercially or non-commercially without your written agreement. The RR codes link to you contact details, IP status and so forth. Applied to the image they travel with the item and therefore should it be swept up and returned in image search engines or used on other portals your Rights Reserved will always be present.

    If you have already exposed a proposition to a third party, you cannot retrospectively apply Creative Barcode® and hold that party to terms you had not agreed at the time it was disclosed to them. All Barcodes generate an origination date which cannot be edited or tampered with. Edits, evolutions and iterations applied to files in your project folders are recorded.

  29. If somone uses my work without my permission what course of action can I follow to seek re-dress?

    If you are a Creative Barcode member you have the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

    Should an alledged breach of a barcoded file sent through the file transfer system arise, WIPO will firstly issue an intervention letter.

      Any alleged breach of the Trust Charter Agreement terms of receipt of a barcoded file can be resolved through mediation under the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Mediation Rules.

    Intervention and Mediation support by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center

    Should any dispute arise in relation to an alleged breach of Creative Barcode® terms, we recognise that resolution under the WIPO Mediation Rules would be a more appropriate and cost and time effective approach than court litigation.

    Creative Barcode® members and file recipients therefore pledge that if a dispute arises, they are prepared to consider resolution through WIPO mediation.

    For more information, please click here.

    If you wish to use your own solicitor you can supply them with the breached materials displaying your Creative Barcode® and the data logs showing date sent, to whom and download. Plus the terms of the Trust Charter

    Subject to your solicitors advice. the third party can be requested to remove from market any materials associated with your proposition that has been utilised without your permission. The cost of withdrawal from market may be greater than the cost you seek in compensation; therefore you may wish to seek settlement and an IP buy-out in place of market withdrawal.

    Creative Barcode® can provide proof of a Member's generation of the barcode, its creation date and project creation date.  If the Member has used Creative Barcode's file share and tracking system (i.e. the documents have been sent via the Creative Barcode App) then we can verify the acceptance of the Creative Barcode® Trust Charter Agreement ©, the date the documents were sent, the recipient of the file and verify it was downloaded.

    If you DO NOT use our file share and tracking system, verification would be limited to the generation of the barcode, its creation date, the project creation date and If you have copied protected@creativebarcode.com into your email to the recipient of your files, we can also provide the date the email was sent.

    All files sent through the Creative Barcode App, our own ftp or by email must contain the unique project barcode. Files sent that do not carry your unique barcode cannot be protected.

    The Creative Barcode system has never been breached



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