Photographers, Illustrators; writers, art directors, designers, fashion, textile, surface artists, content producers of all type use Creative Barcode IP tags to register work, protect it and ensure they are correctly attributed to it.

Having the freedom to promote your work online and in the media worldwide is a normal part of doing business in the digital age. 

Inserting your IP tag or just its URL into your work before posting, publishing and pinning will ensure, when separated from your own web site, your work is used under the terms you have stated and that you are correctly attributed to it. 

Creative Barcode IP Tags significantly reduce the risk of your work being stolen or becoming an Orphan Work (Creator Unknown). 

IP Tag URLs are visible on images and travel with them, therefore when returned by image search engines, internet users know how to contact you for permission and payment. Or know they are not permitted to use the image at all.

You do not need an in-depth knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights the work has been done for you. All you need to complete is a few details such as Creator name, title of work and your usage terms.  

Use Creative Barcode tags to look after your work. It's fast, easy and affordable to use every day.  




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