Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Joining Creative Barcode involves an annual membership fee (see current prices) which includes use of services relevant to your membership level.

If you do wish to cancel your membership account simply advise us at, any time up to the due expiry/renewal date. A renewal reminder will be issued by email, four weeks’ prior to expiry date. If we do not receive notice of cancellation in writing you will be committed to pay the annual membership fee at the then published price. We do not auto renew. Control remains with the member to login and renew.

If you do confirm cancellation of membership your account will no longer be accessible but can be reinstated at any time.

Requests for entire account deletion and all data, stored content and IP Tags will result in all projects and file tracking records being deleted, which cannot later be re-stored. As such any breach of your IP Tagged files, recipient agreement, file transfer and tracking data for stored, sent, received and download evidence, will no longer be available. Use of WIPO mediation service is for current members only.

If you later wish to re-join Creative Barcode a new account will need to be created at the then full annual membership cost.

If you register with Creative Barcode and encounter an insurmountable technical issue, as a fault of the Creative Barcode system that prevents you from using the services we will refund your membership fee less a £40 administration fee if notified within the first 4 weeks of registration date. 

Any unused IP Tag credit is rolled forward when you renew but as it forms part of the the annual package unused credit is not in itself refundable.

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