Whether a creative, brand, service or manufacturing business, large or small, just starting out or long-established, your concepts, creativity and plans are a valuable commodity.

However, advancing any business requires communicating and collaborating with third parties and subsequently disclosing concepts, ideas and solutions.

You need to trust potential partners and you can by using the Creative Barcode Intellectual Property (IP) Tags and IP safe file disclosure system. Documents and visuals contain your unique IP tags and the file transfer system gains the recipients’ acceptance of the trust charter before download commences. It forms a legally binding agreement which only has two simple but effective legal warranties. The sender legally warrants that the disclosed concepts are theirs and the recipient warrants not utilising any materials disclosed to them without the owner’s permission. Send, acceptance and download transactions are recorded by the database and serves as independent witness. The system is endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the British Library IP Centre. It has never been breached.

IP Tags are unique to your propositions and concepts. They are applied to all items disclosed including concept iterations and time-stamp and verify your continuous innovation journey.

The trust based system is faster and easier than obtaining a non-disclosure agreement when at early stage potential partners just wish to engage in a safe-conversation.  

Corporate firms engaged in open innovation and other external creative procurement should consider recommending use of Creative Barcode amongst their suppliers and participants. Doing so protects the corporates’ business as IP tagged submissions are a legal warranty of authenticity. And conversely assures the external party submitting solutions, that usage will be with their permission.


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