Creative Barcode is a not for profit organisation created and managed by innovators, designers, engineers, IP, legal and accountancy professionals.

Some of us co-founded, developed and launched Creative Barcode, others joined en route. We are all working together to the benefit of Creators, Innovators & Entrepreneurs of all type, world-wide.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) Tag and safe-disclosure system enables registration, time-stamp, protection and safe-sharing of early-stage concepts during the vulnerable period between concept and completion. Creative Barcode precedes designs, trademarks or patents applications registered after completion with national, EU, Hague and international systems.

The system enables fast and easy, formal registration of previously unregistered designs and unregistered copyright. Unique IP Tags with embedded Meta Data ensure identification and attribution of the Creator and IP owner is maintained.  

Creative Barcode has received worldwide recognition as the world’s most innovative IP and safe disclosure system.

Launched in September 2010, Creative Barcode upholds the value of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in a digital age.

With users in more than 30 Countries it has never been breached. It is endorsed and supported by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the British Library, IP Centre, London

Creative Barcode is registered in the United Kingdom; Company Number: 7302510

Skype ID: Creative Barcode®
Telephone: +44 (0)1273 906067
Twitter: @creativebarcode

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