Launched in September 2010, Creative Barcode simplified early-stage Intellectual Property protection and disclosure.

It places ethics, trust and etiquette at the heart of its operating principles.

Endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Creative Barcode is a digital Intellectual Property Registration (IPR) system that enables Creators of innovation; design and copyright work to register, time stamp and attribute ownership data and usage terms.

It is fast, easy and very cost-effective to use. The system automatically generates a Registration Certificate, IP Tag/URL and QR code confirming ownership, usage and licensing terms, as applicable to each concept, project, pitch or completed item of work.

Creative Barcode is a not for profit organisation whose early IP system precedes designs, trademarks or patents applications registered on completion with national, EU, Madrid, Hague and international systems.

With users in more than 30 Countries, Creative Barcode has received worldwide recognition as one of the world’s most innovative IP and safe disclosure system, it has never been breached.

It is endorsed and supported by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) mediation service and the British Library, IP Centre, London

Creative Barcode is registered in the United Kingdom; Company Number: 7302510

Skype ID: Creative Barcode®
Telephone: +44 (0)1273 906067
Twitter: @creativebarcode

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